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Editing the BOINC Wiki

Be Bold

Like Wikipedia, it does no harm to jump in and make a change. If the change is bad, someone else can always improve or revert it.


The Trac wiki doesn't have a talk namespace. For incidental discussion, drop a comment into the page using


For discussions requiring more input, create a separate page (Page/Talk?), or take it to the boinc_dev list.


Template index

  • Mark new features with VersionNew: 6.0)?
    The argument is the version number. For user-facing documentation, round alpha release numbers up to the next public release: for example, a feature added in 5.9.13 should be given as 5.10.
  • Protect email addresses with MailHide: foo...|k=01y4tN5ayMx2SrjH73OG_NAw==&c=-FBkzvi511UzQSXSV-OlATQQdWLBOnU-1T2EryGjds0=)?
    First parameter is the link text, usually the first few letters of the email address. The second parameter is the key given by MailHide, in the form of k=...&c=...
  • Informational/warning messages
    • Info
    • Deprecated for pages that have no replacement and Replaced for pages that do.


Don't let spam slow you down, but be aware that if you edit a spammed page your changes will be reverted and reapplied. If your change isn't urgent, consider waiting until the spam is removed.

Comment about changes

Please try to provide descriptive comments for all significant changes. For routine changes, here is a list of common comments:

  • m or Typo: Very minor (non-substantive) changes, such as spelling corrections.
  • Initial version: First draft of a new page.
  • Talk or Discussion: Inline comments. No actual content changes.