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BOINC Management, Working Groups, and Governance

BOINC Project Governance

BOINC is a community-based open-source project. Anyone can contribute to BOINC, and there are many ways to contribute. People who consistently contribute are able to participate in the project's decision-making processes.

BOINC's governance structure is described here.

BOINC Project Management Committee

Project decisions are generally made by community consensus. To manage this process, and to resolve conflicts when they occur, there is a Project Management Committee (PMC) consisting of community members who have consistently contributed to the project. The PMC has a Wiki page here [BoincPmcPage] with additional information, including the Agendas and Minutes of their meetings and related documents.

BOINC Projects Call

The BOINC Projects Call (BPC) is a quarterly open public TeamSpeak Conference Call, organized by the PMC. The BPC is intended for (a) the owners, managers, developers, administrators and operators of BOINC­-based volunteer distributed computing projects and (b) the developers and maintainers of BOINC software and infrastructure. The BPC has a Wiki page here [BoincProjectsCall] with information about joining the Call, Agendas, Minutes, and related documents.

BOINC Contributors Call

The BOINC Contributors Call (BCC) is a regular Teamspeak call for BOINC Contributors, organised by the PMC. Further details can be found here [BoincContributersCall].