Old responses
7:21 PM UTC, December 09 2007
I hate the fact that I have to manage all my subscriptions. Why can\'t I sign up once with Boinc, select my projects, and have Boinc manage the subscription process with the various projects. And when I go to add a new computer I have to enter all that stuff again. Why can\'t I just tell Boinc on the new computer my Boinc user ID and have it just start working? This is the biggest obstacle to me using Boinc, I hate repetitive, valueless, busy work.
10:03 AM UTC, December 10 2007
Don\'t launch links in Internet Explorer, use the default web browser - many people, and probably especially those who run BOINC under Windows, prefer an alternative browser to IE. As well as being able to see \"credit\" and \"pending credit\", it would be nice to know if a workunit contributed to a find, or a success. Allow \"Snooze\" for different amounts of time, ie. 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, or \"until screensaver\".
4:34 PM UTC, December 10 2007
64 bit native client manager and applications
8:20 PM UTC, December 10 2007
kort en bondig: VISTA
10:54 PM UTC, December 10 2007
Wichtig sind mir vor allem fixe und gerechte Credits. Ich sehe in Boinc eine Chance für die Menschheit, allerdings ist die Öffenlichkeitsarbeit recht bescheiden, es könnten viel mehr Menschen teilnehmen, wenn mehr davon wüssten!
4:34 PM UTC, December 11 2007
I\'m searching for urban planning applications
4:58 AM UTC, December 12 2007
1. Do something more quickly about pending credit. I have results pending on SETI from over a month ago. 2. When credit is not given for work completed, provide some sort of information as to why it was not accepted.
5:52 PM UTC, December 13 2007
Bessere Hilfestellung in Deutsch....
10:27 PM UTC, December 13 2007
Make BOINC more stable when running older computers
6:21 AM UTC, December 14 2007
Add section to BOINC FAQ on the preferred way to upgrade the BOINC client - e.g. how to do so without resetting partially completed work units
8:27 AM UTC, December 14 2007
n\'y a t\'il pas moyen d\'avoir des rapports en français? car l\'anglais reste une difficulté .
12:20 PM UTC, December 14 2007
The information on news of projects in Russian
4:02 PM UTC, December 14 2007
A true BOINC Screen Saver -- not connected to project Work Unit processing -- consisting of segments reflecting project selected recent activity that is occasionally supplemented and updated by BOINC. Then ALL projects will effectively have a screen saver and the computer screen will not have so many bouncing BOINC logos.
11:48 PM UTC, December 14 2007
make a version of BOINC available that\'ll load from the XMB on the PS3. encourage other projects to make thier project available to the PS3 (compile binaries for the PS3)
12:09 AM UTC, December 15 2007
made projects more transparent, informative and user frendly
9:50 AM UTC, December 15 2007
4:24 PM UTC, December 15 2007
plus d\'infos en français...
4:52 PM UTC, December 15 2007
allow managment of installation or unistallation from within BOINC manager. You could also allow the setting of automatic start-up from within the system.
4:53 PM UTC, December 15 2007
Make projects more unified.
7:55 PM UTC, December 15 2007
Add caption \"BOINC\" to the tray icon and to the tray hint
8:43 PM UTC, December 15 2007
Why is total credit 0.00 after running SETI for 24/7? When does the credit accumulate?
1:24 PM UTC, December 16 2007
For Mac OS X 10.5, I want to know where BOINC stores files on the hard drive so I can have Time Machine ignore it. Right now i am limiting the disk space BOINC can use because I don\'t want to eat up my Time Machine drive space. If I could have Time Machine ignore the files/folders, I would be more liberal in granting space on the drive.
2:47 PM UTC, December 16 2007
I would like to know more about the algorithms and any changes.
3:38 PM UTC, December 16 2007
1. Fix the Vista compatibility of the client (so there are no admin permissions required to run, or prompts for admin permissions from Vista\'s security). 2. Require all projects to have a good, readable explanation of the science (more detail is fine after a basic explanation), how the results will be used and by who, if it\'s a \"for profit\" project (and who profits), status of the project (i.e. just because the servers are \"up\" doesn\'t always mean there\'s work!) and most importantly, regular updates on the science posted to the web page. My feelings on the for profit issue is that it should be included in a header about the project - it should be very obvious that it\'s for-profit, and not hidden away in a page of text, or even worse, implied. 3. Also.. seti@home has a nice, brief blurp about the project right at the top of their homepage. All projects shoudl have that.
3:50 PM UTC, December 16 2007
More, more, more, more and more information
6:51 PM UTC, December 16 2007
Resume listing the number of completed work units, rather than some less meaningful (to the user) \'credit\' number. Or else list both.
7:01 AM UTC, December 17 2007
①我使用的是正版Windows XP(家庭)和Vista(公司)系统,发现运行boinc_5.10.28_windows_intelx86及以上版本时不能出现屏保画面,这以下的较低版本没有问题,望能改进; ②希望屏保画面更丰富一些,如可考虑增加一些太空或太空基地的一些图片等
12:52 PM UTC, December 17 2007
I really want more statistics in the boinc program about the project(s) which is going on (analyzed). Now there is only stupid useless credits and space graph(s) which does not give actually any information what my computer has analyzed and found and what have been the best results. Not even Boinc-stats sites give these more interesting information which im looking for althought there is more stats, which id like to see also in the Boinc program. Now i have to use 3. party programs to record information what my pc has analyzed. It feels very annoying to have many programs on background to work on same project. Would be much comfortable that those 3. stats had been merged into Boinc program.
4:32 PM UTC, December 17 2007
schneller weiter höher, was sonst ;-)
11:43 PM UTC, December 17 2007
In the preferences toolbox, you can control how much memory to allocate when the computer is in use, and when it is idle. I would like to be able to control the processor speed the same way.
6:28 AM UTC, December 18 2007
3:33 PM UTC, December 18 2007
Individual computer configuration directly from BOINC manager
12:56 AM UTC, December 19 2007
BOINC should have auto update/upgrade feature. When a new version is available BOINC asks you if you want to download/install new version.
7:57 AM UTC, December 19 2007
Proyectos basados en software x64...
4:13 PM UTC, December 19 2007
Mejor descripción del proyecto y del uso de los resultados. Mayor difusion de los resultados obtenidos.
4:33 PM UTC, December 19 2007
私はBOINCのこの素晴らしいプロジェクトを偶然友人から教えて貰いそれがきっかけとなり参加させて頂いております。 しかしそれ以前、まだインターネットを始める前はTVや新聞などのネット以外の情報だけではプロジェクトの内容がよく解らずあまり感心を持っていませんでした。 ですからこの素晴らしい有益なプロジェクトをより多くの人々にもっと良く理解してもらうため限られた予算の中で大変でしょうが広報にもう少し力を入れてみてはどうでしょうか? 人類の知恵を平和と明るい未来の為に使い努力しているBOINCと世界中の参加者の皆様、新たな発見のためますますの御健闘を願っております。頑張って下さい。
5:35 PM UTC, December 19 2007
Quelques éléments à améliorer : - Visuel : tous les projets ne bénéficient pas d\'écran de veille. C\'est dommage. Et bien sûr ce serait encore mieux de pouvoir customiser les écrans. - Programmation : 1) sous l\'onglet des projets, pour les personnes participant à plusieurs projets simultanément, un total de points serait le bienvenu sous travail effectué ! 2) sous l\'onglet des tâches, il serait bien de pouvoir forcer un calcul en faisant un clic droit pour le lancer en \"High Priority\" jusqu\'à ce qu\'il soit finit. Cela éviterait de devoir mettre manuellement tous les autres projets en suspend lorsqu\'une tâche arrive au seuil de la date limite d\'envoi. Sinon Boinc Manager est un utilitaire scientifique d\'avenir qui mérite des éloges.
10:27 AM UTC, December 20 2007
*Pouvoir choisir directement quel core fonctionne sur quel projet afin de pouvoir distribuer la puissance de calcul de manière plus personnalisée * Controles des préférences des projets directement via le manager BOINC, * Camemberg d\'espace utilisé faussé lors de l\'utilisation d\'un trop grand nombre de projets.
11:45 AM UTC, December 20 2007
Ce qui me gêne le plus pour les multiples projets existants sur BOINC c\'est le manque d\'uniformité dans l\'attribution des crédits ce qui en pénalise certains. Une distribution équitable des points serait bénéfique pour tous les projets quels qu\'ils soient en permettant de choisir de calculer sans le souci de savoir si tel projet ou tel autre \"rapporte\" plus. =8?()>
12:17 PM UTC, December 20 2007
Développer le support GPU Accessoirement, méliorer l\'économiseur d\'écran de la recherche contre le cancer (!)
6:14 PM UTC, December 20 2007
Standard BOINC credit point so all projects will credits same amount of points.
10:14 PM UTC, December 20 2007
I was running BOINC under aother email address: cdmiller002@sympatico.ca or is was cmiller@trondata.ca user name was ve3cyp i think. can you check and see if you can move my time to my new account. Chris Miller
1:12 AM UTC, December 21 2007
Some of your help files are worthless. It takes me to dink around for a while and search and search search and search search and search search and search. LOL but I find it and I do like the screen savers. I have been HIV for 19 years and currently full blown AIDS. I noticed that the screen saver doesn’t work in your latest version of BONIC 5.10.30 for World Community Grid; so went back down to version 5.8.16 and I have had no problems. I enjoy using this program and always glad to donate my computers time. F
11:56 AM UTC, December 21 2007
5:57 PM UTC, December 21 2007
un système plus informatif pour pouvoir sortir d\'un projet plus proprement, j\'ai fais des bétises lors de réinstalations de systèmes qui ne sont pas signalée sur les projets en question, et les calculs ne sont pas, ni validés, ni signalés comme non terminé, ...
7:10 PM UTC, December 21 2007
Need to create an automatic update link in the help button or on the home page that will do an auto update of the software (be it Windows or Linux or whatever). Navigation and updating, at present, is a bit of a chore for any newbie to your system. It would also be helpful to do an auto eMail when updates are available for the various systems. Would speed things up a lot.
11:54 PM UTC, December 21 2007
The screensaver for Linux would be nice. :D
4:51 PM UTC, December 22 2007
I am trying to add anouther project to my computer but can not determine my account name or password. The e mail address I always use is not being recognized. Can you offer any assistance? m_robbie@netzero.net
5:14 PM UTC, December 22 2007
Une uniformité dans les crédits serait une bonne chose, car certains préfèrent parfois calculer pour un projet créditant plus qu\'un autre pour avoir le plus gros score. Merci à vous en tout cas pour ce programme ! Bon courage à vous pour la suite et bonne continuation !
5:50 PM UTC, December 22 2007
-que le capitaine d\'équipe puisse supprimer de son équipe les membres fantômes ou les membres qui ne participent plus depuis de longs mois et qu\'un message informatif soit envoyé automatiquement à la personne éjectée de l\'équipe avec la raison. -que le capitaine puisse communiquer réellement avec tous les membres de son équipe et pas seulement avec les personnes qui ont donné leurs adresses mails. Etant donné que l\'on passe par une interface qui ne révèle pas les adresses mails, je ne comprends pas pourquoi on ne peut pas envoyer de mails informatifs à tous les membres d\'une équipe. Si on s\'est inscrit dans une équipe, recevoir des informations de cette même équipe est quand même le minimum. -Que les deux affirmations précédentes soient vraies pour tous les projets et pas seulement pour un ou deux. Je pense au projet Seti@home qui donne un grand contrôle au capitaine de la team et inversement au projet World Community Grid qui ne donne pas grand chose comme pouvoir au capitaine, même pas celui de pouvoir communiquer avec tous les membres de son équipe.
6:25 PM UTC, December 22 2007
- une égalité en ce qui concerne points BOINC et crédits WCG par exemple, - égalité des crédits entre les projets, - permettre aux chefs d\'équipe de supprimer les membres inactifs et de pouvoir mieux contacter chacun des membres, - faciliter le changement de skin pour BOINC,
9:20 PM UTC, December 22 2007
- Harness the dual and quad core\'s more efficiently with SSE3 or SSE4 if possible. - Have the option to install a 64-bit client if possible on ALL projects. - Allow the BOINC program to have a built in feature so you can find your stats easily and then compare them to others.
2:32 AM UTC, December 23 2007
I would like to be able to use my graphics card to work on projects. Folding@Home allows the use of ATI cards, but I own a Nvidia.
11:30 AM UTC, December 23 2007
Support for Linux should be better.
12:46 PM UTC, December 23 2007
-que le capitaine d\'équipe puisse supprimer de son équipe les membres fantômes ou les membres qui ne participent plus depuis de longs mois et qu\'un message informatif soit envoyé automatiquement à la personne éjectée de l\'équipe avec la raison. -que le capitaine puisse communiquer réellement avec tous les membres de son équipe et pas seulement avec les personnes qui ont donné leurs adresses mails. Etant donné que l\'on passe par une interface qui ne révèle pas les adresses mails, je ne comprends pas pourquoi on ne peut pas envoyer de mails informatifs à tous les membres d\'une équipe. Si on s\'est inscrit dans une équipe, recevoir des informations de cette même équipe est quand même le minimum. -Que les deux affirmations précédentes soient vraies pour tous les projets et pas seulement pour un ou deux. Je pense au projet Seti@home qui donne un grand contrôle au capitaine de la team et inversement au projet World Community Grid qui ne donne pas grand chose comme pouvoir au capitaine, même pas celui de pouvoir communiquer avec tous les membres de son équipe.
3:36 PM UTC, December 23 2007
Sure wish your instructions weren\'t so complicated. You have to be a computer geek to figure them out. Plus, I HAVE NEVER been able to get any help, so when BONIC quit running there was nothing I could do about it.
4:26 PM UTC, December 23 2007
More explicit 3D graphics (using OpenGl or Direct3D hardware acceleration) that don\'t consume more that 0.1% of CPU time. Also a little more understandable statistics for projects, since most users are not familiar with the statistics that projects provide. ( I think you should ask this to the projects\' creators and not do it yourselves as BOINC, afterall they understand what their projects is all about). I can\'t think of any other improvements, helping humanity(ourselves) with BOINC is one of the best things we can apply our computers on. God bless us all. Kudos BOINC.
6:09 PM UTC, December 23 2007
10:18 PM UTC, December 23 2007
Ogólnie bardzo podoba mi się wasz projekt, aczkolwiek strona internetowa wymagała by rozwinięcia, ponieważ znajduje się na niej stosunkowo mało informacji. Myślę że wszystko pójdzie w dobrym kierunku. Pozdrawiam Paweł Trojanowski
2:45 AM UTC, December 25 2007
Just do it! 8^}
5:09 AM UTC, December 25 2007
Siento que estoy solo, no encuentro el espíritu de equipo que un proyecto tan importante para la humanidad, debería necesariamente tener. Quizás no busqué demasiado, pero, sería deseable comunicación con personas, mi participación se ha limitado ha instalar el salvapantallas y colaborar con mi computador, pero, nad de intercambios con otros seres humanos. Muy frío para mi gusto, en alguna parte lei que ha \"4 millones de personas involucradas en esto de BOINC ¿dónde están todos? Un cordial saludo.
3:28 AM UTC, December 26 2007
Please please put an \"Update\" button in the \"Tasks\" tab. It\'s so annoying to have to go through the list, see what projects have finished tasks, and then go to the Projects tab to update each one. Also, the manager still stops projects with an absurdly small amount of time left. I had a task with 6 seconds remaining that was waiting to run. So timing issues still exist.
10:02 AM UTC, December 26 2007
I have 2 computers running windows NT 4.0 just setting there and cannot run Bionc on them why?
1:41 PM UTC, December 26 2007
5:08 PM UTC, December 26 2007
Il faudrait des clients BOINC optimisés pour différents processeurs.
1:12 PM UTC, December 27 2007
Pages showing and explaining the algorithms used, in order for people to know exactly what their computer is doing, and maybe to help as an open source community, with documentation, improving the code. It would also help people to better understand the science underneath.
2:16 PM UTC, December 27 2007
schrap onnozele of \"dode\" projecten, zoals chess960@home en projecten die in ontwikkelingsfase blijven (beta-fase) zoals \"Riesel Sieve\"!
2:23 PM UTC, December 27 2007
please make BOINC run invisible but without any windows\'s user\'s passwords. look i own a company. there are about 1500 good fast computers. i use all of them for crunching, but i want boinc to run as servise? without any icons and GUI. but i prohibit any user\'s password on windows. so i cant run boinc as service. please help
6:54 PM UTC, December 27 2007
The newer BOINC versions (5.10.28 - 32) for the Mac are inferior performers and reflect the poor skills of the programmer(s); Mr. Alex Kan wrote an excellent high-performance version (distributed through the Team MacNN website) that runs ~4-5X faster than the current 5.10.32 version distributed through this site. Distributing these slow versions is a waste of computer resources, money, electricity, contributes to pollution, and retards the progress of science. Please engage a Mac programmer that can properly write, compile and build the code for the newest OSX (Leopard) operating system and takes advantage of the hardware technology for vector (Altivec & SSEn) calculations, large L2 caches, and multi-processor parallelism.
7:31 PM UTC, December 27 2007
8:19 PM UTC, December 27 2007
I use the Mac version of BOINC. In Preferences it would be great if the setting for: Use at most N% CPU time was broken down as the memory setting is: when computer is in use when computer is idle. I\'d love to be able to crank up CPU usage when I am not on the computer but mellow it out a bit when I am. I can do this manually with the Manager but automatic would be way cooler. Thanks
11:19 PM UTC, December 27 2007
I\'d like to see a client for consoles. Particularly XBox 360 and to a lesser extent PS3 ;-)
1:53 PM UTC, December 28 2007
1:59 PM UTC, December 28 2007
Update-Funktion von BOINC fehlt
3:58 PM UTC, December 28 2007
I am running the service. I want to put all of BOINC data on my data disk (D:), BOINC deafult location is in C:\\Program Files\\BOINC\\ I havn\'t found a solution that works.
7:25 PM UTC, December 28 2007
I wish I could get a Nice-looking screensaver graphics. The only thing I can get is a BOINC logo, boring.
11:37 PM UTC, December 28 2007
Thank you for a wonderful service! I\'d like to see better handling of idle CPU on Windows hosts, where you have to limit the CPU usage down to e.g. 30% so that the fan stays silent most of the time. It would be very nice, if it would work as smooth as on Linux, where using idle CPU cycles does not cause the CPU stepping to be increased (e.g. a laptop would stay at 600MHz and not go up to 1.8GHz when there is ~100% idle cpu usage). I know that this is a windows problem in general, but maybe BOINC could autodetect when it causes Windows to increase the CPU stepping and then decrease the uses cycles). Again, Thank you!
8:43 AM UTC, December 29 2007
più interazione per incuriosire l\'utilizatore
11:49 AM UTC, December 29 2007
Bereitstellung von Client´s für aktuelle Konsolen wie XBOX 360 oder PS3 (vgl. F@H)
8:41 PM UTC, December 29 2007
Optional client auto-update feature (e.g. if client was installed by running the website-provided installer, have it automatically fetch/install/run the new version, unless disabled by the user).
2:00 AM UTC, December 30 2007
Rien ne me vient à l\'instant, mais je vous en ferai part si jamais =) Bonnes fêtes !
8:50 PM UTC, December 30 2007
Have a better way to see results of work units.
8:56 PM UTC, December 30 2007
Avoir des stats sur la durée de calcul des WU mais ce n\'est surement pas le but de boinc. Pouvoir faire tourner les économiseurs d\'écran sous linux. Sinon c\'est parfait pour moi. Continuez !
9:26 PM UTC, December 30 2007
More outside publicity for BOINC and BOINC projects like the recent Chicago Tribune article...Have project scientist appear on radio and television talk shows...Send out news releases to print...broadcast...and Internet media outlets.
4:10 AM UTC, December 31 2007
auto update the client, easier ways to remote manage machines, add/remove projects. smart detection of battery mode (I find my laptop has issues) and better stability under Vista
8:34 AM UTC, December 31 2007
It would be nice if we (the users) could set boinc to run for x amount of hours, then take a break for x amount of time before to turns back on. This would be helpful for computers that get a little warmer than they should be and still be usefull to boinc/projects. Or possibly if it could turn off/pause if your computer gets hotter than what you specify. So that it gives your computer some time to cool back down. For me this would have been great to have. My computer was overheating for a good 4-6 weeks while running boinc *before I got around to blowing it out with compressed air*. So I had to watch it like a baby to make sure that it didn\'t get too hot and shut down my pc. Cleaned out its 30-40 Celsius cooler, and now runs at 40-60ish c, instead of 80-100 C. Even some form of scheduler for boinc would be nice too. Since some people have things scheduled such as anti-virus, spybot search and destroy, or some other app that needs to run and eats a lot of cpu. Im not sure if windows already does this properly for boinc or not though. I\'ve never bothered to use that windows feature.
2:05 PM UTC, December 31 2007
Better networking management
7:38 PM UTC, December 31 2007
I always have problems attaching to new projects and have lost credits as a result and consequently projects have also missed out on a proportion of the excess computing power I have to offer. The wizard set up seems simple but hardly ever works for me. Maybe my expertise isn\'t as advanced as I\'d like to think!
10:41 PM UTC, December 31 2007
Need additional information on Linux installs. I know each distribution is unique, but there is very little support that I\'ve found for it. Ironically, my Linux box was the fastest one to run tasks. Now if I could just get it working again!
1:52 AM UTC, January 01 2008
project Rosetta@home Need\'s support SSE3/SSSE3 and SSE4 ;-) and add project on BOINC platform like a (Majestic 19 Depspid DIMES)
12:20 PM UTC, January 01 2008
3:48 PM UTC, January 01 2008
как можно меньше проблем при установке и в работе, маленькие размеры заданий и обновлений.
4:18 PM UTC, January 01 2008
Quoique cela fasse longtemps que je ne m\'y soit pas connecté, j\'avais à l\'époque trouvé nébuleuses les pages de configuration des préférences de BOINC (l\'interface web). J\'aimerais que BOINC vérifie régulièrement si des mises à jour sont disponibles (j\'utilise actuellement la version 5.2.13, la version 5.10 est en cours de téléchargement). J\'aimerais que, en première page du site, la liste des projets utilisant BOINC soit bien en évidence.
7:28 PM UTC, January 01 2008
This software has come a long way, Keepup the good work!
10:43 PM UTC, January 01 2008
Progress counter is incorrect. I believe 68.09% should be 68.9%. Check this out.
5:11 PM UTC, January 02 2008
make it easier to remove
6:08 PM UTC, January 02 2008
good job
9:02 PM UTC, January 02 2008
Разработайте хорошую систему вознаграждений и бонусов.
11:05 PM UTC, January 02 2008
Give us the ability to get our password and login information so when we try to set up at another computer we can.
6:10 AM UTC, January 03 2008
I would like that problems with starting boinc-manager and projects (after computer restart) would be fixed some time.
12:26 AM UTC, January 04 2008
There is apparently no organic help file. All help is online. Which is great IF you\'re dumb enough to use IE as your browser. I don\'t so I couldn\'t connect to your help system. Pity.
10:36 AM UTC, January 04 2008
cuda (nVidia geForce) etc.
1:23 PM UTC, January 04 2008
Większa reklama platformy BOINC w społeczeństwie.
6:41 PM UTC, January 04 2008
perfekt so :D ...thx hk
7:11 PM UTC, January 04 2008
Stellen Sie eine Version bereit, die unter Windows Vista x64 ohne Probleme funktioniert!
9:00 PM UTC, January 04 2008
After starting BOINC on my Linux server, says everything okay but not linked to a project. There is NOT a clear way of attaching a project. No simple statement like: Attach project: Create an Account, Go to XX, Attach project and fill out IP address or something. Heck I still dont know after reading the Help files. The old Seti@home just dialed up, Downloaded a packet, and then sent it back when complete. This is ridiculously annoying. Want more participation? Streamline this for servers.
7:40 AM UTC, January 05 2008
Make sure ALL project list hardware requirments. When posible send stop message when quorum is reached for a task, give credit for time used and let host move to it\'s next task.
3:34 PM UTC, January 05 2008
Need to get a \"rookie\" (ie., non-project person) strong in website design and communications to tweak all the websites involved (project and BOINC) to make them clearer how it works. Update article by the Planetary Society in June/07 was best piece explaining history and how works. Getting the explanation/details one requires to get going is just a little awkward and spread all over the place. This is exciting stuff - and much more could be done with a pit more communications/marketing skill. Get the business school at UofCal involved... Dave Frank Vancouver, Canada DavidFrank@shaw.ca
10:13 PM UTC, January 05 2008
Give details of how to close an account. I took out a second account in error and do not want it! davidmason@iee.org
10:38 PM UTC, January 05 2008
Dass ich von den Ergebnissen was erfahre, bis jetzt weiß ich noch nicht ob mein Computer etwas sinnvolles gebracht hat, oder auch die Projekte insgesamt.
11:37 PM UTC, January 05 2008
scrivere chiaramente in home page come iscriversi o reiscriversi: ho compilato il questionario ma non sono ancora riuscito ad isrivermi!
12:15 AM UTC, January 06 2008
For medicine from a crawfish on up to to search!!!!
3:10 AM UTC, January 06 2008
I really want to use the seti@home screen saver but it just does not work. The old seti@home worked great. But every since the migration to boinc, it just never worked. It always gives me some nonsense about the Boinc Application being suspended and it not working. This is the Mac Version. I\'ve tried several version over the years on G4, G5, and intel class machines.
8:11 AM UTC, January 06 2008
BOINC is a solid program and does its job very well. The only thing I can think of is for BOINC to reach more users. Perhaps more ways to spread the word about the program and associated projects.
10:41 AM UTC, January 06 2008
3:38 PM UTC, January 06 2008
I try and introduce people to boinc. For anyone computer literate it\'s fine, there is no learning curve to use the software. However I think the project will only be able to be reallllly widespread when everything is made a little easier. For example the whole adding projects business. It should not really NEED registration on a per-project basis. If a user could download BOINC, install, run (with little or no configuration) and select projects from a list with a centralised login, many more people would use it. Also I would strongly recommend advertising exchange with charity websites, this may be more beneficial for individual projects however. Keep up the good work, the Ubuntu 5.10.28 release is the best yet, much faster interface!
8:55 PM UTC, January 06 2008
Der Screensaver sollte sich unter Vista nicht so oft aufhängen :-). Man sollte auch auswählen können auf welcher Harddisk man den speicher zur verfügung stellen möchte. Wenn ich andere anwendungen laufen habe, möchte ich dass Boinc das System nicht so auslastet, dass ich dies in Spielen zb mitbekomme (kein Ruckeln wegen Boinc im hintergrund). Bezieht boinc auch GPUs in die rechenarbeit ein (man sollte ansonsten versuchen das zu machen) Boinc könnte eine Temperaturüberwachung bekommen (CPU!!) und dazu einen Besseren Tageszeitplaner wo man genau die Zeiten in denenn man möchte dass Boinc arbeitet oder nicht eintragen kann. Eine eingebaute shutdown funktion wäre toll (windows zu bestimmter uhrzeit, nach wechsel von Projekt herunterfahren) Liebe Grüße!
12:00 AM UTC, January 07 2008
Der Manager sollte überarbeitet werden. z.B. sollte es einen reiter geben von wo aus man sämtliche projekte sehen kann und auch starten kann. Dessweiteren wäre es sehr schön den Manager grafisch etwas aufzupeppen und eventuell skins zu zu lassen für jüngere teilnehmer bestimmt interessant.
12:41 AM UTC, January 07 2008
Screensaver, graphics support in Ubuntu Linux
8:58 AM UTC, January 07 2008
Start the project \"BOINC @ Science & Government\" - to start using computers at High schools and Government institution (as an Army or passport departments)
12:53 AM UTC, January 08 2008
There are enhancement, that could be fun. - enable and disable the pop-up\'s windows about connection, progression, etc. Because when I ran boinc on my office computer, I would like to hide these pop-up. - Get more workunits by specifing a number. Actually we get wokunits by setting a period of connection with the server. - Get workunits by using an other port because in my case, the port (at my office) are locked. If I can get new workunit you will get a new computer for you project. Thanks to you
5:32 AM UTC, January 08 2008
Keep up the good work folks.
8:22 AM UTC, January 08 2008
Ability to control preferences in BOINC client (resource share, screen saver apperance, etc), as opposed to going to each individual website.
6:59 PM UTC, January 08 2008
mejorar la interfaz de conexión a internet. Incorporar conexión via red local
9:02 PM UTC, January 08 2008
CPU priority. differend settings while computer is used and idle. and smooth cpu usage (can better control voltage and CPU speed when using powersavings like AMD cool \'n quiet)
9:42 PM UTC, January 08 2008
chre cosa ci faccio con i credeti? ditelo
10:11 PM UTC, January 08 2008
please work out how to stop Windows Vista from stopping it running, so I have to unblock it every time I start my laptop. very annoying.Thanks.
10:11 PM UTC, January 08 2008
Ottimizzazioni più spinte dei programmi.
7:26 AM UTC, January 09 2008
BOINC client for windows could be improved. I need to switch between two networks often. For one I use proxy for another not. Each time I switch BOINC lost connection. it would be good idea to add automatic proxy detection into Options. It can be done by getting proxy setting from Internet Explorer registry.
4:05 PM UTC, January 09 2008
The administrators should be more involved in the projects forums and also they should post more news (see for example LHC@Home, it needs more partecipation) Also, it would be nice to have a \"global boinc forum\" accessible from within the BOINC manager (maybe using a tab as a browser)
6:48 PM UTC, January 09 2008
What about taking advantage of GPU (Graphic Processor Unit) for processing power?
10:02 PM UTC, January 09 2008
You can use other computer components, for example graphic cards or soundcards or physics accelerators. Some of the people have old 3dfx accelerators and this can also be used.
5:51 AM UTC, January 10 2008
It would be really great if the Linux BOINC client had the same kind of nice graphics than the Mac or Win versions.
11:27 AM UTC, January 10 2008
It would be great if boinc could work on nvidia based gpu\'s. It is a known fact that graphics gpu\'s may do arithmetic operations, etc faster than a normal cpu. By that way, boinc could get more cpu power since it can use both normal cpu and graphics card\'s gpu. Moreover, it wouldn\'t affect user\'s experience!
3:19 PM UTC, January 10 2008
Boinc Manager: Project tab should indicate date/time of last contact with project. Boinc Manager: should remember hosts AND PASSWORDS for other computers contacted (i.e. when a number of computers are managed through one manager). Better yet, should be a client page that summarizes state of each contacted client, updated periodically automatically (e.g., every n hours based on configuration). Boinc clients - seem to occassionally get \"stuck\" and need manual restart. Should have a watchdog timer that at least can send email or let manager know that a client hasn\'t made any progress for an unusual amount of time.
5:07 PM UTC, January 10 2008
What an Absolutely Fantastic way for Research Projects to be able to CRUNCH TONS of their DATA Via the BOINC Cruncher Application... Individual Projects Need to CRITICALLY Add More Applications for the Macintosh Platform... Not just for the INTEL Mac Platform but ALSO, the Motorola Power PC G4 & G5 Units... Literally Millions of CPU Hours that go UNUSED because of NO App\'s for the Mac OS X G4 PPC/Intel Platform... I wanna HELP Humanity More... Mac\'s LOVE Crunching Too... So... Please??? Waiting Patiently, KiwiHonolulu - 10th of January 2008 Aloha!!!
6:05 PM UTC, January 10 2008
Equilibrer les crédits accordés par les différents projets
8:36 PM UTC, January 10 2008
sind ok
2:20 AM UTC, January 11 2008
Usar un salvapantallas más atractivo por que asi hasta parece que es pura mentira con sus extrellitas y todo deberian hacerlo un poco mas moderno y dinamico.
2:28 AM UTC, January 11 2008
Going to have a think about this question and get back to you guys, it\'s a brilliant idea and sure has huge potential. Cheers! Matt.
8:22 PM UTC, January 11 2008
I recommend computer in use and computer not in use settings. For example I could donate 5% all day while I work and 100% when my compter is idle at night.
8:30 PM UTC, January 11 2008
The preferences do not work properly on my work computer. Boinc is doing work when it shouldn\'t and accesses the web when it shouldn\'t. The only limiter that seems to work is the processor percentage. If I can\'t figure out how to get it to respect the other preferences I will have to remove it.
10:11 PM UTC, January 11 2008
Pewna łączność - czasem przez 2 dni nie można odesłać wyników i ściągnąć danych do obróbki.
10:21 PM UTC, January 11 2008
Werbung im Internet da BOINC relativ unbekannt ist im moment.
7:19 AM UTC, January 12 2008
Provide 64-bit versions of projects so my hardware is utilized more efficiently. Make Boinc fully Vista compatible (so it is not blocked) to allow non-tech savy Vista users can participate easily.
2:57 PM UTC, January 12 2008
Was it \'switch between applications every x minutes\' or \'switch between applications between every x minutes\'? In either case, I don\'t see any feature to switch to another application(s) ONLY when the current application is finished. I mean, I want BOINC to finish one application/work unit from a project first, then move to other application/work unit(s). That way, I can participate in many projects without having to switch between applications every \'certain periods of time\' coz it takes time to store and load from the PC\'s memory (read: wasting time and processor resources). However I want every project shares the same portion of my processor\'s resource. Which means, if project A needs 12 hours to finish a work unit while project B needs only 2 hours, then before crunching new work unit from project A again, BOINC should run 6 work units from project B first . (I know it sounds kinda complicated, but it\'s not, really. It\'s just I\'m not good at describing things =P)
5:11 PM UTC, January 12 2008
keby vsetky projekty mali nejaky graficky vystup podobne ako to ma zatial iba seti@home
9:29 PM UTC, January 12 2008
post info on how to join teams
12:28 AM UTC, January 13 2008
Try first off by cleaning out old accounts. Then you might try adding Message Boards that don\'t require logging in. I had this running on 2 computers, both running Vista. The screen saver was working fine on both, then for no reason I can find one machine starts just showing Boinc screensaver is shutting down, the other just goes blank. No changes were made to either. And I can\'t get help with the problem!!! frodo@richpoor.net is my e-mail address. I can\'t use it because of an old dead account on your system.
2:34 AM UTC, January 13 2008
SETI is fine but uses a lot of computer resources. I liked and tried Rosetta@home and World Grid, but dropped them because of never-ending red-flashing messages saying nothing could be sent because I needed to free up more disc space. Nonsense. I set it, in preferences, to use 2, then 5 gigs. And, this is a new Toshiba with Vista, 2 gigs of ram, and a 200 gig hd. I don\'t have the time to go research the problem on message boards, so just dropped all projects. May try again someday. Logan Harris pt_1oz@yahoo.com
4:11 AM UTC, January 13 2008
Projects should report more often on the results and advancements of their research. In short, they should provide us (who are doing the hard work for them) with more feedback.
11:36 AM UTC, January 13 2008
boinc est très bien!
12:09 PM UTC, January 13 2008
4:17 PM UTC, January 13 2008
This is a tainted survey designed to reach a certain conclusion. You have asked no questions about the poor side of BOINC or the poor support from BOINC. You have provided no exceptions to the first question. Yes I am running BOINC but I stopped for a long time due to bad software. BOINC does very stupid things at times and it cannot be reported easily to anyone. I have long periods of time gone to other types of shared computing such as X-Grid. The questions about \"You\" have no legitimate place in this survey.
5:05 PM UTC, January 13 2008
Als Benutzer von Dual- sowie Quad Prozessoren sind 100% Cpu Last zuviel. Ich würde mir z. b. für meine Dual Core Maschine Settingwünschen \"nur eine Aufgabe, starte dann nächste Aufgabe\". Oder bei einem Quad eine Einstellung erledige 1 oder 2 oder 3 oder 4 Aufgaben gleichzeitig.
6:04 AM UTC, January 14 2008
que halla una paginas con perguntas y respuestas frecuentes en español.
11:16 AM UTC, January 14 2008
please fix the blocked startup problem. I would like to donate computing time, but keep forgetting to re-start it manually.
9:41 PM UTC, January 14 2008
Better cross-platform functionality (screen saver in Mac is poor). Also, more active updates from projects, (milestones reached, factoids related to project, interesting/unexpected findings as a result of analyzing completed work, etc.).
11:25 PM UTC, January 14 2008
Czy próbka przy odsyłaniu mogłaby być jednocześnie raportowana? Zapobiegłoby to sytuacji, kiedy po odesłaniu jednej komputer liczy następną długą próbkę, podczas którego to procesu poprzednia się dezaktualizuje.
1:48 AM UTC, January 15 2008
make BOINC utilize 64-bit processing, if possible
9:52 AM UTC, January 15 2008
Make it easier to find and understand the results of work done. Have an option to change start on computer startup if you didnt choose that in first installation. Screensavers and graphics that make more sense to beginners with more data on whats going on.
6:15 PM UTC, January 15 2008
没有办法获得贵网站的任何信息(因为尽是英文,看不懂!我到现在诸如任务、项目、用户注册等等信息根本就不清楚)。其实贵网站应该知道,在中国,家庭电脑有极高的普及率,但就是因为语言的问题,把好多人挡在了这个项目之外。所以,我建议,贵网站要开辟一个中文网站(至少也是中、英文对照的),这样的话,中国至少将有1/3的家庭电脑加入到这个项目中来。 望贵网站能及%
10:04 PM UTC, January 15 2008
Pouvoir répartir à volonté les ressources allouées à chaque projet. J\'ai commencé par SETI@home et je lui reste fidèle par principe mais ce n\'est pas à mon sens un projet prioritaire depuis le développement des domaines de recherche concernant en particulier la santé.
11:49 PM UTC, January 15 2008
Bof ! (je manque totalement d\'imagination; déjà assez de soucis comme ça dans ma vie professionnelle !)
12:45 AM UTC, January 16 2008
Mehr nutzung von aktueller Hardware indem mehr Techniken benutzt werden. Zum einen Prozessor-Techniken (SSE etc.), zum anderen eventuell Grafikkarten zum Berechnen mit hinzuziehen. Mehr \"Werbung\" im Sinne von Artikeln in Zeitungen und ähnlichem. Keine Aufdringliche \"MACH MIT!\", sondern mehr im informellen Sinne. Was so erreicht wurde etc.
8:19 AM UTC, January 16 2008
Zu wenig in Deutscher Sprach veroffentlicht auch auf Seiten in Deutsch ist zu viel Englisch.
8:02 PM UTC, January 16 2008
Dans l\'onglet \"tâches\", serait- il possible de faire monter ou descendre un projet ? (pour qu\'on puisse choisir l\'ordre dans lequel on veut que l\'ordi calcule)
10:58 PM UTC, January 16 2008
une mise a jour automatique ?
2:10 AM UTC, January 17 2008
I person should be able to set the computer to shutdown after next checkpoint under the BOINC Manager.
7:33 AM UTC, January 17 2008
I periodically have my dual core laptop SHUT DOWN because it overheats. I have the settings to take 88% CPU time. ------------- Here is the solution for PCs. Here is a request: (1) Go here http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa394493.aspx (2) Implement this, to keep machines from overheating and SHUTTING DOWN, please. Second I recommend you read this thread about how to get a CPU temperature by VB.net code. We can find a CPU temperature reading in the root\\WMI namespace, MSAcpi_ThermalZone Temperature class. Current Temperature is the CPU temp in 0.1 degrees Kelvin. We need to convert to Celsius by subtracting 2732 and dividing the result by 10. Also note that to measure the temperature of the CPU the users motherboard has to have a sensor. No sensor, no go. Here is the vb.net code snippet to get a CPU temperature. Code Block Public Class Form1 Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click Try Dim searcher As New ManagementObjectSearcher( _ \"root\\WMI\", \"SELECT * FROM MSAcpi_ThermalZoneTemperature\") For Each queryObj As ManagementObject In searcher.Get() Dim temp As Double = CDbl(queryObj(\"CurrentTemperature\")) temp = (temp - 2732) / 10.0 MessageBox.Show(temp.ToString) Next Catch err As ManagementException MessageBox.Show(\"An error occurred while querying for WMI data: \" & err.Message) End Try End Sub End Class
6:49 PM UTC, January 17 2008
Need a mac boinc with US cert or the school of cert, Apple to look after Bonic And a wow ,server World of warcraft.... my mac power pc ibm chip 2.0 64 bit chip late 1985 4.5 of ram on tirgr
11:32 PM UTC, January 17 2008
Bei der Boinc-Software und der Software der Projekte sollte eine open source-Lizenz immer Standard sein! Bei Webbasierten Anwendungen die selbstständig Daten über das WWW austauschen ist open source nach meiner Überzeugung grundsätzlich eine Vorraussetzung. Alles andere schadet dem Vertrauen! Zu viele Regierungen, gerade in unserer westlichen Welt sind nicht mehr vertrauenswürdig weil sie die Rechner ihrer Bürger auf hinterhältigste Weise ausspionieren. Von der freien Wirtschaft (aus marketinggründen) ganz zu schweigen. Überprüfen kann man als user aber nur open source. Das ist zum Beispiel auch einer der Gründe, warum man sich dazu entscheiden sollte, Microsoftprodukte zu meiden. Ansonsten sind Boinc und Co. schon ganz OK.
4:58 AM UTC, January 18 2008
agregando al boinc manager un regulador personalizable de trabajo del cpu en base a la temperatura del sistema y de ser posible, control personalizado de los ventiladores, se q hay 3ros programas para esto, pero seria bueno q los trajera ya integrados tambien poniendo mas visible y facil de accesar el porcentaje a utilizar del cpu para q se pueda cambiar mas rapido.
11:34 AM UTC, January 18 2008
Mehr Kontrolle über die Einstellungen. Ich hätte gerne die Wahl, die CPU Leistung für Aktivität UND Inaktivität individuell einzustellen. Mein Mac zeigt den Boinc-Screensaver NUR auf dem Sekundärbildschirm (MacBookPro). Es könnte aber pro Bildschirm eine WU angezeigt werden.
3:31 PM UTC, January 18 2008
all projects should have updates on progress, or something to notify us volunteers that something is still going on.
5:48 PM UTC, January 18 2008
lista dei messaggi in italiano
9:35 PM UTC, January 18 2008
Normally I\'d try to troubleshoot the problem that I was having, but I just don\'t have time right now so I removed the software from my computers. It\'s possible that it had something to do with trying to connect to the Internet when there wasn\'t a connection available, but in that case I\'d expect it to sit silently in the background and wait, not pop up error messages and I think the errors happened even with a connection. It would also be nice if it could be set to not pop messages up from the system tray saying that it\'s looking for a connection. If I\'m in the middle of something else and I\'m not connected to the Internet (or more likely on a VPN connection to another system that blocks outside access), I\'m not going to stop what I\'m doing just because BOINC wants something.
11:19 PM UTC, January 18 2008
BOINC is extremely unweildy to install, manage and remove. I used to run seti on all our workplace computers. Basically BOINC drove me away from participation in distributed computing.
7:21 PM UTC, January 19 2008
I have had trouble to run BOINC on my computer : I had to uninstall it. Now with the current new version, it works well : congratulation !
8:51 PM UTC, January 19 2008
Make it work. Please. I just want it to work and it never will run on screen saver after installing it.
3:15 AM UTC, January 20 2008
By having 2 computers working on a single task, rather than the 2 on seperate tasks.
3:56 PM UTC, January 20 2008
I\'d run an Xbox 360 client if there was one.
5:50 PM UTC, January 20 2008
It would be usefull to also have CPU-Time statistics.
1:37 AM UTC, January 21 2008
Hello I am having trouble starting BOINC...I keep getting messages that say I am not connected to the internet But apparently I am... Any suggestions?
7:16 AM UTC, January 21 2008
when a dot version is upgraded, like 5.10.30 to 5.10.34 for example, it would be nice to see a list of changes/fixes. Even if it\'s small. That way I know when I should bother downloading the small updates. I want to eek the most performance out of my machine for the project.
8:16 AM UTC, January 21 2008
Uno de los ordenadores es un Intel Core2 Quad con Windows Vista Home Premium. Cada vez que apago el ordenador se pierden los trabajos que estuviesen en marcha en ese instante (Client Error); si no siempre, sí en un altísimo porcentaje de las veces. Ya hice la modificación indicada de ampliar a 20 segundos el tiempo para parar un servicio, pero sigue más o menos igual. Los proyectos pequeños si van acabando: los largos es imposible, ya que la probabilidad de que les pille un apagado cuando están en marcha es muy alta. Si esto no se soluciona en breve, tendré que desligarme de proyectos con SETI@Home, Climateprediction, Einstein@Home, etc, donde no he conseguido finalizar ninguna tarea. Y la verdad, son en los que mayor interés tengo.
12:05 PM UTC, January 21 2008
Allow Vista users to place it in the \"program files\" folders.
5:10 PM UTC, January 21 2008
Better updates of BOINC software. Updates built in. Have update remove the old Boinc.msi files that are left behind when I update. Better yet, do not store the Boinc.msi file on my hard drive after installation.
11:57 PM UTC, January 21 2008
I feel that BOINC is a very benificial program. I currently participate in multiple BOINC projects to try and advance our scientific understanding. I currently run and manage team SETI@Ohio whose website can be found at http://setiohio.angelfire.com/index.html
1:32 AM UTC, January 22 2008
I am working comfortably with Seti@down under and am making a contribution. However I did attempt to join BONINC Australia and was summarily rejected with no explanation. The moderator of that team (Dingo) refuses to communicate why my application was turned down. Perhaps some instruction on people management?
10:41 AM UTC, January 22 2008
BOINC should support automatic proxy configuration URL to possibly work at work, too.
11:49 AM UTC, January 22 2008
some projects, I would like to participate, do not support Linux for multicore platforms a possibility to dedicate a number of processors to a project would be nice
3:56 PM UTC, January 22 2008
anunciando por e-mail los proyectos que se incorporan y los que dejan de esta activos definitivamente.
4:06 PM UTC, January 22 2008
don\'t downgrade the credit from \"higher paying\" projects - no reason to cause those of us who have invested thousands into crunchers to be forced to the lowest common denominator. FAIR credit is the answer - not lower credit. If the new proposed credit system is implemented, I will be forced to take my 100K RAC and put it to non-BOINC projects.
2:58 AM UTC, January 23 2008
most of it seems to work just fine as is right now. i just have problems with the pie charts. they don\'t seem to accurately depict the color & amount of disk space that the projects are actually using.
11:47 AM UTC, January 23 2008
me gustaria que estuviera disponible un cliente en linea de comandos para windows
12:29 PM UTC, January 23 2008
Make a Windows Vista version!
4:52 PM UTC, January 23 2008
From 2006-2007 I did not use BOINC as the software was causing bugs and crashes on Windows and Mac; those problems seem to have been fixed. However please be aware that the amount of bugginess in the software at that time was very annoying and probably caused other people to stop using BOINC as well.
5:17 PM UTC, January 23 2008
Bessere Zentalverwaltung der Accounts verschiedener Projekte.
8:58 PM UTC, January 23 2008
creo que el programa en si esta muy bien lo unico que le faltaria seria poder procesar mas rapidamente.
9:40 PM UTC, January 23 2008
Meer transparantie over projecten. Wat doet het project is altijd lastig te vinden. En meer reclame in de media maken. Het is trouwens niet slim om iedereen zoveel projecten te gelijker tijd proberen te draaien. Je kunt beter één ding goed oplossen dan meerder projecten proberen op te lossen waarvan het resultaat pas na lange ontdekt wordt.
10:33 PM UTC, January 24 2008
Para un ordenador casero, que se enciende poco, dan poco tiempo para acabar el trabajo.
1:31 PM UTC, January 25 2008
Das Programm läuft zusätzlich zu den Anwendungen, die ich wirklich nutzen möchte. Also sollte von BOINC nichts zu spüren sein. Ist das der Fall, kommt es bei mir nicht zum Einsatz. So einfach ist das. MFG Bernd Ahnert (berndle bernd@ahnert.org)
6:30 PM UTC, January 25 2008
Reduce application errors, especially when failing to connect to the internet (proxies are a particular problem).
1:44 PM UTC, January 26 2008
Es wäre sehr wünschenswert zwecks besserer Übersicht, wenn sich der Boinc Manager sowohl die einmal eingestellte Fensterposition und Größe als auch die Spaltenbreite unter dem Aufgaben-Reiter merken würde.
6:13 PM UTC, January 26 2008
You should develop projects for XBOX360 !!! As well as for PS3, but Xbox360 is a lot more popular in Brazil.
2:23 PM UTC, January 27 2008
It would be desirable that the layout of all the projects would be similar. The great variety of layouts makes the use of some of them confusing.
8:12 PM UTC, January 27 2008
Ce qui me gêne le plus pour les multiples projets existants sur BOINC c\'est le manque d\'uniformité dans l\'attribution des crédits ce qui en pénalise certains. Une distribution équitable des points serait bénéfique pour tous les projets quels qu\'ils soient en permettant de choisir de calculer sans le souci de savoir si tel projet ou tel autre \"rapporte\" plus.
9:12 PM UTC, January 27 2008
-Des ordinateurs qui ne sont pas reliés à internet devraient pouvoir être alimentés en données à traiter par clé USB, CD/DVD ou autre moyen pour pouvoir participer aussi. -Certains projets ne tournent pas sur Mac, se privant là d\'une source de puissance non négligeable.
9:26 PM UTC, January 27 2008
Merchanise - T-shirts with BOINC or climateprediction.net on the back.
9:32 PM UTC, January 27 2008
maybe have a program that pre processes the wu\'s before it actually goes to the main program?
3:14 AM UTC, January 28 2008
Creo que se esta haciendo muy buen trabajo... no tengo sugerencias adicionales...
4:27 AM UTC, January 29 2008
目前的版本在屏保图形及美化方面不能很好支持Windows Vista系统,5.8.16之后的版本在Windows Vista系统中不能显示屏保图像,5.8.16及之前的版本则似乎没有该问题,望继续改进,以鼓励我们的参与热情。 谢谢。
6:29 AM UTC, January 29 2008
It would be nice if all the project webpages included a link to computer requirements, as well as approximate down/upload sizes. I have a wide range of PC\'s and would like to know if my lower spec ones will work on a project. I have a \'capped\' ADSL connection and don\'t want to download huge WUs, only to have them crunch in a hour or 2.
2:05 PM UTC, January 29 2008
Please provide a boinc client and manager for the Linux X86 platform. I looked today and only the Ubuntu version was available. I run a Slackware Linux machine and would like to continue contributing.
3:11 PM UTC, January 29 2008
Better looking screen saver. Maybe with different types of views? Also more support for X64-bit editions + added optimisations such as SS3 to gain the most out of todays technologies.
7:00 PM UTC, January 29 2008
I\'m probably different than most. I really don\'t care about credit (although I do look at it). If it is for a cause I believe in eg: Seti (I just know we are not alone), or other worthwhile science/research project. I will use my computer time for it.
11:55 AM UTC, January 30 2008
Probabñemente tomando un poco más de espacio en el disco duro de mi (o en los) ordenador(es)!
8:51 PM UTC, January 30 2008
BOINC would allow a computer to be on stand-by (for energy conservation) and \"wake it up\" whenever the user has scheduled it to do so.
2:56 PM UTC, January 31 2008
gracias primero por todo lo que hacen!!! una sola recomendacion quisiera mayor compatibilidad de los salvapantallas en linux. porque por ejemplo el grafico del espacion con los pulsares del proyecto einstein no lo puedo ver desde el cliente boinc para linux (solo del cliente linux vercion para ubuntu)
9:29 PM UTC, January 31 2008
since i\'m really new to this and don\'t know a lot of computer lingo, etc. i\'d like to know some specifics about how much computer space this takes, does running more than one project greatly affect your computer. i guess something like boinc for dummies! ;-) i am glad i have found you and am telling my friends!
11:27 PM UTC, January 31 2008
Startup when the computer is turned on.
11:45 PM UTC, January 31 2008
info on the pros and cons of updating
5:44 PM UTC, February 01 2008
The linux box errors with : 01-Feb-2008 09:55:05 [World Community Grid] Task X0000047500162200503021118_0 exited with zero status but no \'finished\' file 01-Feb-2008 09:55:05 [World Community Grid] If this happens repeatedly you may need to reset the project. 01-Feb-2008 09:55:05 [World Community Grid] Restarting task X0000047500162200503021118_0 using hcc1 version 519 Have tried many options, various versions, no dice.
1:48 AM UTC, February 02 2008
SETI is better dan all.....
10:07 AM UTC, February 03 2008
I am psychologist, not IT specialist :-)...
3:00 PM UTC, February 03 2008
One main Grid project that coordinate all.
5:57 PM UTC, February 03 2008
I would like to see other projects in BOINC like Folding@Home ans others
8:13 AM UTC, February 04 2008
The BOINC client seems to be a little buggy. It does not always behave as one would expect. For instance I am currently having the issue that it doesn\'t want to switch between projects. I have it set to switch every 60 minutes but I can not find a pattern to it\'s application switching behavior. It will stay on one project for up to 72 hours before switching to another one and it may be on the next one for 15 minutes to 72 hours before switching again... I also do not like that each individual project requires a user id and password. I think it would be simpler and more efficient if one registered their user id and password with BOINC and it used the same one for every project that you participate it, behind the scenes, so that you do not have to be aware of it. I also feel similar about the preference settings. I would prefer if they were all controlled from within the client rather from within the client or from the project website... which ever place you happen to find first. I think that is counterintuitive and confusing. I would also like it if the stats and message log was stored on the project server so that when one upgrades to a new computer and restart their projects the BOINC client would remember the Statistics graph data as well as your message log data. I love the whole idea and concept and am very enthusiastic about it. I just think the client and design structure are all a little weak and buggy. I just don\'t have the time to spend tweaking the BOINC client into working efficiently for each project on each machine. It should be simpler and more intuitive. Thank you.
2:15 PM UTC, February 04 2008
Mehr Infos über den Verlauf der Projekte, am besten in allgemeinverständlicher Sprache,
6:07 PM UTC, February 04 2008
Have 64bit versions of the calculation apps to be distributed to BOINC clients on 64bit platforms. (I only run SETI which has only a 32bit client it seems, if other projects do distribute 64bit clients then excellent).
6:19 PM UTC, February 04 2008
Adresse mail et mot de passe non obligatoires pour faire tourner Boinc. @+ *_*
9:52 PM UTC, February 04 2008
le chef d\'une team DOIT pouvoir communiquer avec tous les membres !!!
11:55 PM UTC, February 04 2008
Mehr Oeffentlichkeitsarbeit. Einfacheres Anmelden von Projekten ohne dass durch Fehleingaben aus Unverständnis der Formalitäten mehrere Konten für den selben Rechner (User) erstellt werden. Einfaches Übernehmen ind die Boinc Stats. Und im Forum ein Threat für Menschen, die kein englisch können. Für mich wäre das natürlicher Weise auf deutsch.
1:44 AM UTC, February 05 2008
more translate (for me - to German)
5:00 AM UTC, February 05 2008
I am still afraid of security, ok. All of you could try annonce at a big and famous site, well it doesnt need to be microsoft.com...
6:10 PM UTC, February 05 2008
que todas las paginas del proyecto tengan su traducion a los diferentes idiomas
9:36 PM UTC, February 05 2008
La forma de dar puntos en cada proyecto creo que debería ser unificada para que no haya tanta diferencia entre los proyectos.
10:46 AM UTC, February 06 2008
il faudrait que tout les projets est la même repartition de crédits... Il faudrait aussi que plus de pub soit fait pour Boinc pour amener du monde sur les projets.. ( publicité sur des forums ou des magazines..)
11:59 AM UTC, February 06 2008
Amélioré la gestion du CPU pour le bridage, éviter les trop grosse charge/decharge pour le limiter.
12:32 PM UTC, February 06 2008
un peu plus de fancy sur les stats (je travaille dessus mais je suis pas rapide because portabilité), a quand l \'eradication du bug qui annule le WU quand BOINC a été arrete brutalement?
1:00 PM UTC, February 06 2008
Créer un outils annexe ou une option dans Boinc qui permet de limiter l\'utilisation CPU à x% et ce sans dent de scie comme ce qui existe actuellement et qui limite effectivement à x% en calculant la moyenne. En effet, les dent de scie (100% puis 20 puis 100 puis 20...) à une fréquence élevée est dangereux à terme pour le processeur. C\'est pourquoi pour l\'instant, je préfère laisser à 100% en permanence alors que j\'aurai aimé limiter à 85 ou 90 % certains de mes PC (trop de chauffe donc trop de bruit la nuit donc je les éteints).
1:18 PM UTC, February 06 2008
Avoir un système de limitation de l\'utilisation de la CPU qui fonctionne et qui ne soit pas en dents de scie. Me permettrait de laisser tourner mon Pc la nuit en limitant à 75% pour éviter le bruit de la ventilation => donc je l\'éteint !! Cordialement.
2:32 PM UTC, February 06 2008
Améliorer la limitation CPU, pour quel varie moins, pour quel soit plus fixe serait un net progrès. Actuellement, la fréquence oscille trop, ce qui accélère le vieillissement de notre processeur et par conséquent notre ordinateur. Pour ma part, mon ordinateur est aussi mon outils de travail ; ce qui me dérangerai beaucoup si j\'étais amené à le perdre suite à une utilisation trop oscillante de mon processeur. En vous remerciant par avance.
3:25 PM UTC, February 06 2008
The Mac version of BOINC needs many improvements, especially in the interface.
5:27 PM UTC, February 06 2008
- Einfachere Installation unter Linux
5:39 PM UTC, February 07 2008
I don\'t like the screensaver or the 3D display (show graphics) I liked the old screensaver and standard graphics, and I am still not sure about the user interface on the new software
9:10 PM UTC, February 07 2008
Please create a boinc version for bsd / *nix that does not require graphics libraries, most of us that do not run Windows have no use for pretty graphics. I have several bsd and unix servers right now that are idle over 75% of the day but I cannot run boinc on them because of the graphics requirements.
2:01 PM UTC, February 08 2008
Update BOINC client web site to reflect that the X86 Linux client works well on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, Server, and Open SUSE Linux 10.3.
9:08 PM UTC, February 08 2008
1. Provide either self update or an easier way to determine if the version used is the latest version. 2. Tell those who use a screen saver that SOME of the computing power is being used for the screen saver, it might not be a lot but it is some. Advise the owner of system to set the screen to go blank during those times when no other tasks are being done on the system.
10:28 PM UTC, February 08 2008
After the recent Berkley City Council vote that targeted the USMC I am seriously considering terminating my use of BOINC. I do not want to do so but I feel compelled to indicate my displeasure with people who target our brave young men and women in such a disrepectful way. I would advise the creators of BOINC to indicate that they do not support the Berkley City Council in this matter.
2:22 AM UTC, February 09 2008
If the zonealarm problem can be fixed, a step-by-step webpage with screenshots would be appreciated.
2:47 AM UTC, February 10 2008
Move to a more conservative University that supports our troops.
12:28 PM UTC, February 10 2008
The tool is currently downloading some workunits. Each unit has a deadline report date. The tool however does not process workunits in order of report deadline date (asc)
2:03 PM UTC, February 10 2008
- bei einigen Projekten wären kleinere WUs angebracht - Creditvergabe nach Rechenzeit und nicht nach geleisteter Arbeit - fairer für Besitzer schwächerer PCs - bei einigen Projekten häufen sich die fehlerhaften WUs - ärgerlich, weil der Client das nicht erkennt und der Rechner nach 20 h immer noch eine 5-min-WU \"berechnet\"
3:43 PM UTC, February 10 2008
It would be nice if, when you have problems with the software, the faqs, troubleshooting, and other resources were easier to find. I had to quit the climatechange project because it kept having unrecoverable errors and I could never find anything helpful for my problem.
10:33 PM UTC, February 10 2008
BOINC@WORK: A web based BOINC applet which crunches as long as you\'re there.
11:47 PM UTC, February 10 2008
2:15 AM UTC, February 11 2008
Perhaps make the homepage of BOINC more friendly. It may scare away potential users.
10:51 AM UTC, February 11 2008
Debian packages Option to autostart Boinc Central management and reporting from one computer Thanks
1:10 PM UTC, February 11 2008
Some projects send works too heavy. I prefer smaller works. Sometimes I can\'t finish my works because time is up.
2:58 PM UTC, February 11 2008
3:48 PM UTC, February 11 2008
Plus de page traduites en français. Diverses améliorations du GUI: - Possibilité de forcer la mise en route d\'une tâche indépendament de la préférence pour faire tourner les projets - Possibilité de régler sur chaque ordi le partage des tâches sans passer par BAM
2:41 AM UTC, February 12 2008
market this to schools as they have lots of computers that are not that busy.
5:05 AM UTC, February 12 2008
3:11 PM UTC, February 12 2008
I have asked that ypu do not use the Internet with my stuff except between the hours of three to six AM. Some projects do not upload during this time. Make a button that uploads the projects at any time, no matter what my preferences. This would resolve the problem nicely.
5:41 PM UTC, February 12 2008
Good Luck in this work With Best Regards for people from BOINC-team
4:34 AM UTC, February 13 2008
最好可以1个任务用2个处理器计算 可以减少内存使用 加快运行每项目的计算
11:17 AM UTC, February 13 2008
Vereinfachter Zugang zu Resultaten und Auswirkungen der jeweiligen Projekte.
12:31 PM UTC, February 13 2008
Nekolikrat se mi stalo, ze vypocet tesne pred koncem selhal - mozna kvuli nedostatku mista na disku, nebo kvuli jine chybe, nevim. Uvital bych osetreni takovych chyb.
1:39 PM UTC, February 13 2008
I know, my idea looki\'n strange, but i want use old, pre-boink version of SETI-client
9:57 PM UTC, February 13 2008
tradurre le istruzioni anche in italiano.
8:58 AM UTC, February 14 2008
减少内存占用 BOINC 与 BOINC项目 更好的配合
12:02 PM UTC, February 14 2008
Une meilleure égalité entre les apports de credits suivant les projets serait sans doute bénéfique, pour les utilisateurs comme pour les projets eux même...
1:04 PM UTC, February 14 2008
Windows Vista compatibility!!!!
3:05 PM UTC, February 14 2008
1. I had a TERRIBLE time figuring out which projects would run on my Mac. I had to visit each site, check specs, and even then it wasn\'t always clear, and STILL isn\'t. is there an \'official\' list of which BOINC projects run on Macs and if so, WHERE IS IT??? If none, PLEASE create and publish as a bulleted item on your web site - in this PC-centric world, it would be a real boon to new and even older contributors. This simple but chronically overlooked issue NEEDS to be CLEARed up, and only YOU can do it! (I can\'t even find this issue adequately addressed on any BOINC help site, either.) 2. Most projects are puzzlingly SLOW to credit work to my machine. It simply should not take sometimes a week or more to turn this data around and post it. Sometimes I wonder whether my results have really gotten through. 3. It isn\'t clear to me how fair and balanced the crediting system among projects really is. Are there standards which BOINC enforces? 4. I have shut some projects down because they feed me enormous, choking chunks of data that take literally many days of computing time to complete. If a computational error occurs, all that computer time is lost. Projects very much need to download data segments that take NO MORE than maybe half a day to complete. If an unfortunate error occurs, at least all of the other running projects don\'t suffer as well from the time lost. 5. Thanks and regards, Darryl W. Dockins dwdockins@charter.net
1:20 AM UTC, February 15 2008
solo nesesito trabajar con uds. tengo muchas horas sin actividad y me interesa el tema,no se si cumpli todos los requerimientos para tener el programa,pero si no es asi, por favor ayudenme.gracias eduardo
4:25 PM UTC, February 15 2008
descrizione più precisa all\'interno del programma di ciò che si stà elaborando
7:46 PM UTC, February 15 2008
more public awareness . press releases on your work - like the petaflop success
8:56 AM UTC, February 16 2008
meilleur optimisation pour les multi-cores. Une grande puissance est disponible, et une optilisation du logiciel apporterait beaucoup.
1:00 PM UTC, February 16 2008
More humans must been informed to run Boinc. In the same time they play smale game program or use smale office program. As dont need the ful CPU or RAM. That is the case the Boinc can be in use.
3:09 PM UTC, February 16 2008
Tell us -When: the project will be completed, how much longer, how many more strains of DNA have to be analyzed.
3:24 PM UTC, February 16 2008
Het gebruik maken van meerdere cores door 1 werk unit.
8:36 PM UTC, February 16 2008
Lorsqu\'on participe à plus d\'un projet, il est rare que l\'on produise plus d\'un résultat par jour par projet, j\'ai donc hâte à la version 6 pour que soit reconnu dans cc_config.xml.
4:15 PM UTC, February 17 2008
it should be great to have projects on x64 platform to get more performance ^^
6:52 PM UTC, February 17 2008
make it easier to add more projects through the advanced view mode in BOINC
10:53 PM UTC, February 17 2008
Mejora de la usabilidad en la versión para Mac, así como mayor integración con el sistema operativo. BOINC no parece un programa Mac.
3:03 AM UTC, February 18 2008
Help i have 3 out 5 computer runneding. I loaded them on dial-up. Now i have dsl. How can i get them logon indsl not dail-up. Im running windows 2000. Thank You Claeence E. Waters Jr. setiathome@juno.com
5:43 AM UTC, February 18 2008
10:03 AM UTC, February 18 2008
6:04 PM UTC, February 18 2008
Permettre une gestion complète et plus avancée des projets dans boinc manager
9:41 PM UTC, February 18 2008
It\'s hard to say.
10:10 PM UTC, February 18 2008
run it on a flash drive
12:48 AM UTC, February 19 2008
Ameliorer la connection car parfois il est impossible de se reconnecter alors que la connection est active et de plus connecter au site. Parfois incomprenable ?????? Aussi avoir des réponses en FRANCAIS cela serais très bien. En ce moment impossible de me connecter pour un programme je ne comprend pas pourquoi alorts que je suis connecté au site ???????? MERCI
10:11 AM UTC, February 19 2008
make a sexy Youtube video!
12:37 PM UTC, February 19 2008
GPU usage adding
1:25 PM UTC, February 19 2008
Sjednotit přidělování kreditu, aby lidé nevybírali projekty podle odměňování, ale podle záběru a podstaty.
1:31 PM UTC, February 20 2008
better preferences (for example it would be useful to add an option, which decides whether BOINC should start ba)sed on CPU temperature not on idle/busy...)
3:27 PM UTC, February 20 2008
Just a comment about SETI@Home. I personally like that they keep you posted on what is going on in their lab and any modifications that they make. I also like that they try to give you a detailed inside look into the project.
11:21 PM UTC, February 20 2008
estoy en el proyecto seti desde 1999. en el ultimo año no pude usar boinc por problemas del boinc con windows. recien hoy me lo soluciono un tecnico
11:50 PM UTC, February 20 2008
Manual priority selection of projects in BOINC Manager could be better.
1:50 PM UTC, February 21 2008
Mich würde an BOINC sehr gut gefallen wenn man einen \"Diese-WU-jetzt-bearbeiten-Button\" einrichtet. Da ich bei vielen Projekten angemeldet bin sind auch oft mehrere WUs angefangen. An sich kein Problem, aber manchmal braucht eine dieser WUs nur noch 1-3Minuten um fertig zu werden, oder ich möchte (warum auch immer) gerade nur diese WU berechnen lassen. Da wäre so ein Button oder die Möglichkeit eines kleinen Kontext-Menüs mit der möglichkeit diese WU jetzt berechnen zu lassen sehr hilfreich. Ebenso könnte man an einigen Rechner mit 2 (oder mehr) Kernen an Effizienz gewinnen wenn man bereits im BOINC-Manager einstellen könnte welche Projekte bevorzugt welchen Kern benutzen ... aber das wäre mir nicht so wichtig wie die erste Funktion mit dem Button =) Und natürlich immernoch, mehr Werbung etc. Vielleicht stärkere Förderung \"neuer Projekte\" ... Ansonsten: Macht weiter eure super Arbeit!
6:17 PM UTC, February 21 2008
A method of informing participants of new projects.
9:04 PM UTC, February 21 2008
A more uniform presentation of the various projects on the web. More obvious access to support and troubleshooting info.
10:26 AM UTC, February 22 2008
Die grafische Darstellung von Einstein@Home funktioniert nicht unter Windows Vista64
3:42 PM UTC, February 22 2008
actualmente boinc no reconoce el trabajo real que hace mi ordenador ya que si el programa dice llevar una ejecucion de 6 horas en la realidad lleva al menos 18 horas funcionando y por tanto no me reconoce el trabajo real
9:36 PM UTC, February 22 2008
12:03 AM UTC, February 23 2008
Een optie die werk \'voortrekt\' als de deadline eerder is dan ander werk.
12:05 AM UTC, February 23 2008
01801 2454 depending on who\'s reading ...got some crazzy fucks within the 2454 zip of 01801-2454 maybe even worse crazzy\'s from sourounding health facility\'s I don\'t believe people around here are to keen on Bonic alot of people around Woburn seem to be really off their rockers
1:35 PM UTC, February 23 2008
-Oprimalizace boinc klienta pro 64bit processory + veškeré instrukční sady nových procesorů. -Přístup ke všem projektům bezpodmínečně (databáze vysledků,řešení) samozřejmě jen pro čtení. -Vytvořit nejaký univerzalni interface pro všechny projekty (sborník vedeckých dat)jaký máme všichni tímto zpusobem učel (kredity jsou sice pekná vec ale tak trochu povrchni,odměnou je opravdu užitečné vysledek(y) srozumitelnou formou pro širokou veřejnost,jsem IT odbornik nikoli fyzik či biochemik.:) -V ramci učtu udržovat synchronizaci výpočtů...
2:54 PM UTC, February 23 2008
boincmgr should be able to adjust ALL parameters via preferences. The documetation about this tool could also be improved. Especially adjusting the \"resource share\" is strange to me. And changes to the individual computer settings are only saved sometimes when changed using the menu Advanced/Preferences.
8:05 PM UTC, February 23 2008
Support IPv6!!!!!
8:58 PM UTC, February 23 2008
Better \'in calculation\' graphics. The current images with the WCG are alright, but something better could be placed there :)
11:12 PM UTC, February 23 2008
Ability to use screen saver while installed as a service.
5:17 AM UTC, February 24 2008
A minor issue: If a project is not available for a certain platform, instead of allowing the BOINC Manager to let that project attach, perhaps it should make a note of that fact, and deny the Attach. For example, from a Linux platform, I attached to Spinhenge, which daily connected to its website and reported \"no workunits for platform linux*x86\" (or something close).
2:16 PM UTC, February 24 2008
Sviluppare l\'applicazione in modo che riesca a sfruttare le risorse della gpu, non solo della cpu
6:00 PM UTC, February 24 2008
Besser Windows Vista installation und das es dann ohne probleme läuft
8:57 PM UTC, February 24 2008
I hold all the residents of Berkeley responsible for the despicable actions taken against our military. I see no reason to support anything you do. I am actively talking people into taking Boinc off their computers, with some success. Discipline your politicians. Quit making the military your whipping boy. Steven Byars
4:14 AM UTC, February 25 2008
Auto Updating Feature for the Boinc Application, or at least a utility that checks for updates to the boinc application and notify\'s the user downloads the newest application verison if they desire.
10:11 PM UTC, February 25 2008
Built in updating of the BOINC client. General UI improvements, especially on the Macintosh client.
12:58 AM UTC, February 26 2008
use a shell to integrate the program in a fashion similair to supercopier.
4:44 AM UTC, February 27 2008
the cooler the graphics look the more likly I will run it
7:52 PM UTC, February 28 2008
seti rules
2:11 PM UTC, February 29 2008
Versioni per più sistemi operativi, un\'interfaccia utente più chiara, possibilità di assegnare una percentuale di occupazione della CPU massima, utilizzo delle schede video per il calcolo (oltre alla CPU), utilizzo della PS3 e di XBox360.
5:18 PM UTC, February 29 2008
On the service install have an option so that BOINC manager can be installed to all accounts or just one. Some computers I have version 5.10.20 installed because I don\'t want all accounts to have access.
11:58 AM UTC, March 01 2008
make use of the unused power in the graphics cards
6:42 PM UTC, March 01 2008
have the boinc manager remember where it was, what tab it was on, how the columns were sized, set, sorted.
9:19 PM UTC, March 01 2008
I wont use BOINC on Beowulf Cluster
10:22 PM UTC, March 01 2008
je suis novice en la matiere mais j\'espere pouvoir avec l\'aide de ? de pouvoir mieux connaitre le systeme.Je n\'utilise BOINC que depuis 1 semaine.
3:04 PM UTC, March 02 2008
I think the GUI (Simple & Advanced ) could be alot smaller, maybe add an option for your own personnal stats to be accessed via GUI (i.e. World Ranking). A skinning app would be nice so BOINC can be made individual and maybe drop the graphics mode or make it smaller,other than that it`s great though i do miss classic SETI.
5:56 PM UTC, March 02 2008
Mehr Hilfeseiten auf Deutsch
1:25 AM UTC, March 04 2008
Hace poco que lo tengo instalado, además no entiendo del tema, solo sé, estoy segura de que hay inteligencia fuera de nuestro planeta y quiero participar para ser una posible via de comunicación entre ell@s y nosotr@s.
5:14 AM UTC, March 04 2008
Make use of GPU processing. (ex. nVidia GeForce GPU\'s).
7:18 AM UTC, March 04 2008
Although I haven\'t used BOINC since an earlier version, one thing that I would like is a PowerPC Linux version, so that I can run it on my older Mac laptop.
2:52 PM UTC, March 04 2008
ich finde es blöde das die meissten teams nur nach credits jagen. einige tun es viel mehr könnten es: usern und neuen projekten helfen, support leisten, neue features erstellen und anbieten (statistiken etc.), das VR und BOINC bekannter machen, neue user begeistern usw. userteams, die sich so arrangieren erhalten, meiner meinung nach, nur sehr wenig bis keine anerkennung vom boinc-team... die übersaetzung der BOINC webseite könnte / müsste / sollte viel besser und umfangreicher sein! (auch geht mir die BOINC entwicklung zu schnell, man kommt kaum nach sich über alles zu informieren, schon gibt es wieder was neues...) ...dann ist da noch das inzwischen leidige thema der \"creditvergabe\" alle aktiven projektverantwortlichen sollten sich endlich mal zusammensetzen und eine vernünftige und faire formel für die creditvergabe erarbeiten (und jedes projekt sollte sie dann verpflichtend anwenden!!!)
3:46 PM UTC, March 04 2008
more other language page
4:29 PM UTC, March 05 2008
Millorar alguns gràfics per als salvapantalles (World Community Grid) per exemple, que només ocupen un tros de la pantalla.
6:15 PM UTC, March 05 2008
Centralizing and simplifying
2:29 AM UTC, March 06 2008
A gateway to install on own server or a subserver
5:49 AM UTC, March 06 2008
9:55 AM UTC, March 06 2008
Make boinc client for use GPU nvidia and ati.
2:16 PM UTC, March 06 2008
i think its a very good idea this whole thing, to help data process, but it would be better to process that so much data in smaller units!!! So, it is a very long period to process one work, you should make more less pieces, and then the users will be more satisfield and they may do more process. And also get the users more credit for their work, and it is a stimulating thing, so they maybe do more work with their computer!!! Hope you understood, response for this message for: blaze711@gmail.com Bence Hungary
7:27 PM UTC, March 06 2008
Work with client projects to help them create interesting/compelling visual displays of data for their project\'s screen saver.
10:49 PM UTC, March 06 2008
Some way to help us chose which screen saver we want, because when i run the Boinc screen saver, it olny shows the Boinc logo and it changes position every so often while telling me my overall progress in all of them.
4:41 AM UTC, March 08 2008
I love BOINC. I have tried repeatedly to get my employers to sign on to projects. My currently company is Morgan Stanley and at least I got great feedback from the IT professionals - much better than the rest. Nevertheless, I am impatient and I want millions of people to sign up and run BOINC all day. Would it be possible for BOINC to be made part of Windows, or at least preinstalled for free on all new computers?
11:43 AM UTC, March 08 2008
It would have been nice to be able to see some of my previous work, but I couldn\'t remember My old password, no biggie, this one is fast, considering. 73 John C.
12:57 PM UTC, March 09 2008
de momento ninguna, seguid asi
2:08 PM UTC, March 09 2008
I would like to see a tag that tells me some information about what my sysytem is working on. It does not have to be detailed. It can be simple and short.
7:13 PM UTC, March 09 2008
When I first started to use Linux (recently) I had a very hard time to get it going onopenSUSE. This could have been quickly resolved with a \"complete IDIOTS guide to BOINC\". The information currently available is very fragmented and assumes a high understanding of LINUX.
8:11 PM UTC, March 09 2008
Scheduling. I have a number of LHC@Home work units pending with less than 48 hours until they are due to be submitted. Yet the client is instead running Einstein@home work units, which are not due for another 2 weeks. Both projects have equal priority on my machines. This is happening on both my Windows and Linux clients. I should not have to manually suspend a project in order to meet a deadline on another project.
11:58 PM UTC, March 09 2008
As I stated above, I have had to stop being a part of 3 projects because even though it states on their websites that everything is up and running, I get no work units. I am donating my processor time, and it is kind of insulting that for 2 weeks...nothing, so obviously there\'s something wrong. The big one for me was Malaria, and I would like to still be a part of that, but no work units are sent to me. The only one that does work is Climate Prediction. Also, could you explain these credits a little bit more? Can you redeem them for swag, or prizes? Thank you. Thank you.
1:42 PM UTC, March 10 2008
Uvítal bych větší přehlednost, více nastavení pro dvoujádrové procesory a větší motivování účastníků, např. přeměnou kreditů na výhody,nebo peníze
3:19 PM UTC, March 10 2008
Avoir la possibilité de prendre connaissance périodiquement des éventuels progrès accomplis dans chaque projet.
3:05 PM UTC, March 11 2008
Il serait bien de pouvoir choisir deux valeurs d\'utilisation de CPU pré-configurées pour BOINC 1ère : quand on utilise l\'ordinateur 2ème : quand on est en mode économiseur d\'écran
3:42 PM UTC, March 11 2008
Pouvoir donner à un projet, et pas seulement à une WU, un core de CPU (pr quad, octo et +). ClimatePrediction étant très long, il s\'arrête après quelques heures de calculs pr laisser du temps CPU aux autres projets! Le fait de mettre 18000 mns à \"switch between applications between every\" fais tourner continuellement les autres projets en \"high running\" en laissant de côté C.P. Pour ma part il serait bien d\'ajouter l\"affinity CPU\" dans le BOINC officiel et pas seulement dans le BOINC studio.
5:28 AM UTC, March 12 2008
Thanks for finally providing a 64-bit SETI@home client (or at least fixing the platform name check so that the 32-bit client works on a 64-bit Ubuntu Linux system)!
11:42 AM UTC, March 12 2008
We need some kind of central admin program to manage the status of our large network of all-BOINC-enabled computers- to check which computers are crunching, which are idle, and exercise more immediate and global control over BOINC than the web-admin facilities provide.
2:04 PM UTC, March 12 2008
compress the cores before sending. we have many users in russia with limited bandwidth
2:21 PM UTC, March 12 2008
you\'re alright :-) no improvement in my opinion necessary
9:58 PM UTC, March 12 2008
Meer interactie met de gebruiker en meer informatieve screensavers. Dit ontbreekt echter vaak aan de projecten. Bijvoorbeeld bij LHC@Home is totaal onduidelijk wat geanalyserd wordt. De punten doen mij er (nog) niet toe. Ze zijn een niets zechend getal. Een systeem met rankings zou beter zijn. Bij een dergelijk aantal punten krijgt de gebruiker meer verwachtingsvole pakketen toegestuurd. Dit maakt naar mijn idee, wanneer meer interactie wordt toegepast, het programma aantrekkelijker te maken.
2:57 AM UTC, March 13 2008
Ability to back up/restore workunits (like CPDN) individually or as a group to guard against loss due to power failure or computer problems. Perhaps a way to schedule them to happen periodically.
3:41 PM UTC, March 13 2008
include Graphic acceleration
6:10 PM UTC, March 13 2008
höhere analysegeshwindigkei mehre arbeitseinheiten laden und nacheinander abarbeiten
9:01 PM UTC, March 13 2008
allow use of more than one project at a time - i.e. running 2 projects at once.
12:12 AM UTC, March 14 2008
The way Boinc uses multi-core processors is very ineffective. It is stupid to run several WUs from the same project simultaneously. Boinc should let me assign cores to projects so that each core would always crunch a WU from a different project.
3:44 AM UTC, March 14 2008
I want to control the CPU useage flexibility in different time. For example: I want to use 100% CPU useage during my lunch time. Use 50% in my working hours. An than Use 100% CPU useage when i leave the office. Morning - Lunch : Use 50% CPU useage Lunch time : Use 100% CPU useage Afternoon - get off : Use 50% CPU useage Night : Use 100% CPU useage At this moment, i only set to use 50% CPU useage all day to prevent affect my working.
7:17 AM UTC, March 14 2008
Stop worrying about credit. Concentrate more on the specific project.
4:58 PM UTC, March 14 2008
i signed up for seti, and then 2 others, then went and signed up for BAM manager, but my 3 projects won\'t pull in to BAM.. -saying the password\'s wrong.. my friend said i don\'t need the manager, so i may just uninstall it.. i hope i can get it to work correctly.. i quit seti 9 yrs. ago because it kept locking up my machine.. i love your site tho, and love the causes/projects.. i really want to make this work.. -and then i\'ll install on my wife\'s machine, and then maybe here at work too.. -jim henness covertrecon@aol.com
6:03 PM UTC, March 14 2008
Generally, nothing - it\'s pretty damn good! One project I participate in (uFluids) could do with some proper checkpointing.
8:00 AM UTC, March 15 2008
专家好,我为什么下载并同你们一起工作呢,呵呵,因为我也喜欢外星人哦~!,哈哈,其实我就是看中你们在研究外星球或外星人的研究才下载的软件如果是其他方面,我想,在我不知道你们在搞什么的前提他嘛,我想,为大家服务开发更好的东西也不错了,385934745@qq.com,是我的油箱,恩,我电脑是,BENQ JH600,赛阳2.8,768M内存,能为你们找地球之外服务吗?请回信,并用中文发给我.谢谢.我18岁哦~~!
9:37 AM UTC, March 15 2008
Sometimes the running tasks switch even though the task was at 100% and just needs a couple more seconds to finish. It would be good if BOINC notices this and waits for the task to finish before switching. Keep up the good work!
9:40 AM UTC, March 16 2008
Make it clearer which OS\'s are supported by the various projects. I have signed up with some to find no work available
5:21 PM UTC, March 16 2008
It could be more informative about the work it is doing, like details about the chunk of work and similar.
10:28 PM UTC, March 16 2008
Not sure if it is a BOINC, OS or hardware Problem, but on some PCs due to failed Energy Management the CPUs are running at total CPU speed, while some do there job at lowest CPU-Rate ... so on some Plattforms it is not just using unneeded CPU Power (eg. with Intel Core2 E6400 the energy consumption was 200W instead of 120W (low cpu rate)). Some People I know stopped using BOINC because they do not want a higher electricity bill because of that.
5:35 AM UTC, March 17 2008
10:14 PM UTC, March 17 2008
Active projects list updated more often on BOINC website
5:51 PM UTC, March 18 2008
Translate all side on the nationality language.I should like to know more information about all projekt.
9:45 AM UTC, March 19 2008
Use the graphic processer on the graphiccard to get more work done. Get an anutomatic update of the BOINC client (individuel project are updated automatic).
10:52 AM UTC, March 19 2008
I would like to try other projects but I cannot remember my password ... or the passwords I try are not accepted by your program. I do not use Skype so that is not a \'help\' option for me. This is the only way I can find to reach you. Please reply: mjgabelish@westnet.com.au
3:23 PM UTC, March 20 2008
Regarding LHC@HOME I am thinking about dropping LHC@HOME ! They need to change their software since my harddrives constantly are performing read/write operations ! Several per second ! THIS WILL EVENTUALLY LEAD TO WEARING DOWN MY HDD\'S !! If you can make some changes, it would be nice. I\'ve tested turning the other projects off, just to figure out wich one was responsible for this, and the problem is only originating from LHC@home. Best regards Peter H. Boetker peter.henrik.boetker@ishoejby.dk
12:09 AM UTC, March 21 2008
Make it run better alongside VM/Ware and other Virtual Machine products
6:13 AM UTC, March 21 2008
网站的汉语太少 看不懂
12:39 PM UTC, March 21 2008
Improve memory usage of the client.
8:44 PM UTC, March 22 2008
better Vista compatibility
11:46 PM UTC, March 22 2008
Optymalizacja kodu dla konkretnego procesora i systemu operacyjnego.
2:43 AM UTC, March 23 2008
SETI@home: localitzar l\'objecte d\'analisi a Google Earth
11:24 AM UTC, March 23 2008
Ik gebruik BOINC voor Seti@home, en het valt me op dat je vaak lang moet wachten voordat je je credits krijgt. Dit komt omdat andere gebruikers soms veels te veel WU\'s in de wacht hebben staan (soms wel meer dan 500!!). Dit is helemaal niet nodig, als er een WU is gecruncht, dan wordt hij gerapporteerd, en wordt er gelijk een nieuwe aangevraagd en gedownload. Is het niet mogelijk dat BOINC voor Seti zo afgesteld wordt dat de gebruiker nooit meer dan 5 WU\'s in de wacht heeft staan (ongeveer 1 dag), en dat de gebruiker dat zelf NIET kan verhogen. Het voordeel is dat je nooit lang op je wingman hoeft te wachten of op je creditpunten. Op deze manier is er ook bijna geen kans meer dat een WU te laat wordt gecruncht. In de Boincstats staan ook nog allemaal gebruikers die al 2 tot 8 jaar zijn ingeschreven maar nog geen punt hebben gescoord, waarom worden die niet gewoon gewist??. Het is toch wel duidelijk dat die mensen zich gewoon uit nieuwsgierigheid hebben aangemeld, en er niets mee hebben gedaan omdat ze er niets aanvonden, of het te ingewikkeld vonden of wat dan ook. Deze \'gebruikers\' overbelasten de computers alleen maar tijdens het updaten van de statistieken.
4:30 PM UTC, March 23 2008
ich finde das man boinc nach wie vor nicht gut konfigurieren kann. ich verwende boincstats als projektmanager und kofiguriere meine boinc manager damit und ich habe manchmal das gefühl nach einer neukonfiguration passiert nichts. außerdem lade ich mir immer arbeit für eine woche runter, da ich einen laptop besitze, der nicht immer am internet hängt. wenn ich viele aufgaben habe springt der manager immer zwischen den aufgaben hin und her ohne etwas richtig zu beenden. es wäre daher schön, wenn boinc auch chronologisch arbeiten kann.
3:50 AM UTC, March 24 2008
I would like to see a general list of sucessful events; maybe a new prime number was found, a new promising gene discovered, an interesting seti signal, etc. Basically, I would like to know we are doing some good for humanity.
2:30 PM UTC, March 24 2008
3:58 PM UTC, March 24 2008
Need E-mail address for help. Why don\'t any of the projects I signed up for ever use my computer. I signed on for Ihcathome, uFluids, Riesel Sieve Project. The BOINC Manager signs in and makes computer available everytime I open up computer. Message is Scheduler succeeded received 0 Tasks. This doesn\'t work for me. Either put my computer to use or tell me it is not needed. Leaving it on in this way for over 3 months is not useful. By the way just to test the system I left the computer active for an entire weekend and still no tasks received. Please have someone , somewhere contact me and advise why system doesn\'t work. I would not recommend anyone sign up for what I thought was a great idea. e-mail --- robertnyc@rcn.com Bob O\'Sullivan
9:30 AM UTC, March 25 2008
3:49 PM UTC, March 25 2008
1. Have consistent user interfaces between computing platforms (Windows vs Linux vs ...) That way the help files and error messages have some hope of making sense. 2. The error message: BOINC Manager is not currently connected to a BOINC client. Please use the \'File\\Select Computer...\' menu option to connect up to a BOINC client. To connect up to your local computer please use \'localhost\' as the host name. Is completely useless and makes no sense. On the Linux 5.4 version the File menu option has only one entry - EXIT. 3. Your survey might like to include another section on ease of setup. Perhaps \"How many hours of time did you spend trying to get the software to run correctly\" 4. Get a psych major to help out with the user interfaces, NOT a programmer. 5. Remember your users want a project for their computer, not for themselves.
5:42 AM UTC, March 26 2008
Hmmm, over the years it has improved quite a bit but i seem to have trouble running newer versions on SuSE.
11:53 AM UTC, March 26 2008
1.Update-function in the BOINC-client for the BOINC-client. 2.Introduce a Rating System for the different projects that is implemented in the BOINC-client. Rating-criterias could be e.g. server availability, news reporting frequency, non-profit, etc.
12:11 PM UTC, March 26 2008
12:40 PM UTC, March 26 2008
2:54 PM UTC, March 26 2008
3:05 PM UTC, March 27 2008
I would like to run on solaris but I can\'t find any easy to setup package.
5:33 PM UTC, March 27 2008
i am waiting for GPU BOINC
7:40 PM UTC, March 28 2008
If published research arose from BOINC processing, a brief e-mail to a source of the report would be appreciated. Sometimes I forget about BOINC for weeks, even if it\'s been running continuously, so a reminder about how I\'m contributing to science would be appreciated. Just an e-mailed link to a source for the article would be sufficient. I hardly visit the BOINC website, so an announcement there would be overlooked. Distributed computing this might be, and tempting to wait for exciting results alone, but an individual computer user is the bottom line and should be attended to.
10:47 AM UTC, March 29 2008
Less technical help files would be useful. It\'s still a little \'geeky\' and difficult to resolve some issues for the non-technically minded.
10:51 AM UTC, March 29 2008
More advertisment
11:37 AM UTC, March 29 2008
Everything is fine!
3:42 PM UTC, March 29 2008
Maybe the same people that were involved in hostil takeovers throughout the united states during some years probally during the 80ies from 018012454
6:49 PM UTC, March 29 2008
Ein E-Mail Newsticker wenn neue Versionen des Voinc clienten verfügbar sin (auch Beta)währe schön.
12:32 AM UTC, March 30 2008
It would be great if the projects give more information about what they are doing and how the results could be used.
8:36 AM UTC, March 30 2008
Plus de projets compatible BOINC, comme FigthAIDS@home
10:32 AM UTC, March 30 2008
noch transparenter die ergebnisse veröffentlichen
7:26 PM UTC, March 30 2008
Have settings for wheng when boinc can run, add when it cant run. (advanced > Pref > Computing allowed) make a Computing not allowed. This would be particularly useful in business enviroments where server and workstations are utilized. Being able to say dont use the system durring business hrs but you can use it the rest of the time would be nice. Make the screen saver so it is an option to only show the boinc logo. I don\'t personaly like the glitsy one, and dont like blank screen savers, but the boinc logo is cool. shows that the sys is on and functioning but doesnt take up alot of cpu cycles. Show how many hours have been worked on by a user and each computer, also show average credits per hour. Aliasing of computer ID\'s ie allow the naming of them so when a user is looking at the info on the web site he doesnt have to know each computers ID # but the user has named them so they know what the system is.
9:22 AM UTC, March 31 2008
howto for linux system
5:47 PM UTC, March 31 2008
Distinguish which projects support 64bit computing
4:33 AM UTC, April 01 2008
The linux boinc client (gui included) is horrible! I tried to use it once, and couldnt figure it out and gave up. I was recently bored and finely got it setup but i had to get help. Please write a MAN page. Setup instruction should be clear and concise on the website.
5:22 AM UTC, April 02 2008
Make it easer to find projects. a project link page maybe that is easy to find from your home page
12:25 PM UTC, April 02 2008
First of all you could have a more accessible team. I\'ve been looking for a link to tell you about a problem with \"Standby\" mode on my laptop screwing up work units. boinc is set to always run and when it comes out of standby mode and tries to start working again it gets a computation error and begins a new work unit. Can we get a button to force a restart on a work unit? Or fix this weird standby error? maerdryx@aol.com
3:01 PM UTC, April 02 2008
I have a quad monitor setup on a quad core processor machine. My machine processes 4 jobs at a time. I would like to see the screensaver display all 4 jobs, one on each screen, rather than display all 4 rotating on the primary screen and making the others go black.
3:03 PM UTC, April 02 2008
Get rid of D.A.
3:12 PM UTC, April 02 2008
More and clearer Info and access to it. More input from project Scientist. After all it is them who want the info my boxes crunch.
6:00 PM UTC, April 02 2008
Higher fault tolerance/redundancy in the server mechanisms
6:15 PM UTC, April 02 2008
more information about the progress of the science. make it easier to get help when things don\'t work.
6:40 PM UTC, April 02 2008
Cut the sales pitch on SETI. I don\'t get it anywhere else. It\'s the main reason why I dumped SETI, & went with other projects... Mainly Malaria & World Community Grid I crunch for now. It brings me satisfaction because I feel that I\'m doing something for humanity, without making me feel like a heel for not donating anything but computer resources.
7:17 PM UTC, April 02 2008
You could start by actually hiring someone/getting a volunteer who actually knows how to construct and conduct a web-based survey properly with valid and meaningful questions. Even your demographic questions are ridiculous (20-year age groupings? Are you kidding?). No questions on BOINC version/versions being used? No questions about which projects one doesn\'t/won\'t participate in and why? More importantly, nowhere at BOINC or any of the projects is there any mentions of protections afforded to research participants which would govern most BOINC projects (e.g., How to get to the institutions IRB, grant numbers, etc.).
7:18 PM UTC, April 02 2008
Credits more fair cross project Not so much social network rubbish like intrduced last Less new versions
7:35 PM UTC, April 02 2008
no schizo mods
8:33 PM UTC, April 02 2008
1. We need to hear more from David Anderson he is not publicly leading from the front. 2. Projects need to rotate Mods as now proposed at SETI. 3. Projects should provide car stickers of bumper stickers to promote the projects and also Boinc.
8:40 PM UTC, April 02 2008
Treat BOINC and SETI as separate entities.
10:38 PM UTC, April 02 2008
Please ask Dr. Eric Korpela to look at the PM I sent him a week ago. I do not know where people get the idea that BOINC is difficult to install. However, as I said in my PM, what is a hassle is when not all the projects are listed as a project you can attach to, along with the project urls sometimes changing.
1:31 PM UTC, April 03 2008
2:29 PM UTC, April 03 2008
tardar menos tiempo de las fases alfa y beta a la fase definitiva, yo por lo menos no me suelo abrir una cuenta hasta que el proyecto no es definitivo. y tambien tengo una queja , que algunos proyectos son muy exclusivistas y no dejan entrar a casi nadie.
5:32 PM UTC, April 03 2008
Die Projekte sollten mehr Informationen über die Berechnungsergebnisse allgemeinverständlich bekanntgeben.
1:24 AM UTC, April 04 2008
the use of 64 bit support in all projects
12:12 PM UTC, April 04 2008
bonjour, possible de réaliser plus de fights ??? bonne continuation et vive BOINC laurent on3vhf
5:14 PM UTC, April 04 2008
More information about the project results
6:22 PM UTC, April 04 2008
Linuxinstalation einfacher machen für ubuntu
7:58 PM UTC, April 04 2008
Just thanks for all the hard work!
12:14 AM UTC, April 06 2008
me uní a varios proyectos, pero nunca recibí trabajo alguno. el sofware esta in ingles. diseño grafico poco atractivo
5:17 AM UTC, April 06 2008
Suggest them to link their GNU/Linux binaries statically and against rather old glibc versions (2.0, 2.1, at most 2.2), so that they work better in the Linux emulation of the BSDs.
1:28 PM UTC, April 06 2008
utiliser enfin les GPUs!
7:31 PM UTC, April 06 2008
Bonjour, je voulais vous suggérer une nouvelle option. Celle-ci permettrai de choisir quel utilisation de processeur se ferait quand l\'ordinateur est actif mais aussi quand il est au repos. Par exemple : 30% quand actif et 70 % après une minute d\'inactivité. Ceci permettrai de calculer constamment sans trop consommer de ressources quand l\'ordinateur est actif. Bravo pour votre projet !
8:19 AM UTC, April 07 2008
une meilleur gestion des priorités CPU sur les mac, afin de le laisser tourner en tache de fond. Car actuellement, j\'ai constaté des ralentissements, à la différence du PC qui semble mieux gérer les basses priorités.
8:34 AM UTC, April 07 2008
When I first installed BOINC, the screensaver seemed to take a long time to switch off when I moved the mouse. This was quite annoying if I actually wanted to do some work, or the boss came in and wanted to see something (in which case it is embarrassing). Therefore, I run BOINC from 8pm to 8am. It would be nice if it could run all the time during the weekend, or you were able to make the screensaver switch off quickly.
3:04 PM UTC, April 07 2008
7:12 AM UTC, April 08 2008
gestionnaire de compte centralisé accessible directement depuis le site de BOINC et via BOINCManager Création d\'un domaine boinc.org avec intégration de l\'outil allprojectstats.com
4:14 PM UTC, April 08 2008
More care and consistency in the software from the different projects. eg 1 in 4 WCG units crash the computer or lock up
8:20 PM UTC, April 08 2008
Ich finde man müsste viel mehr leue drüber informieren dass es soetwas gibt, da ich erst von einem Freund das erfahren habe und ich das schon viel früher gemacht hätte wenn ich es früher gewusst hätte. Ich finde es gut dass es auch in der (Electronic Sport League)ESL angezeigt wird enn man mitmacht
9:28 PM UTC, April 08 2008
Auto Update vom BOINC Client, bzw. manuelles automatisches Update.
11:25 PM UTC, April 08 2008
how the project created something for us, and applications are created ect.
12:09 PM UTC, April 09 2008
1) Die Bekanntmachung von den Resultaten der einzelnen Batches ist bei den meisten Projekten recht schlecht. Misserfolge sind auch Ergebnisse! 2) Benutzerzertifikate sind eine nette Institution. 3) GPU-Clients! In vielen Computern, auch in meinem, schlummern enorme Rechenkapazitäten in der Form von Grafikkarten. Zugegeben! Man kann die Karten aufgrund der Spezialisierung nicht für jede Berechnung nutzen, doch bei Rechenoperationen, welche die Karten beherrschen, schlagen sie eine CPU um Welten! In meinem Fall: SLI 2*Nvidia 8800GTS mit 512MB
2:39 PM UTC, April 09 2008
Moi je ne recois pas de credit ses toujours ecrit Pending Pourquoi ????? Pour communiquer avec moi par E-Mail ( gidupont@videotron.ca ) Si je ne peut pas resoudre le probleme je vais changer de projet.. Aider moi a Comprendre . j\'aimerais qu\'il aurais plus de site Francais Canada je parle que le Francais Merci a l\'avance Gilles D.
6:41 PM UTC, April 09 2008
More easy accessible information about projects. Include better version of UI, screensaver (DirectX10). And matbe some calculator for electricity value used by boinc (value= $ or other currency).
3:37 AM UTC, April 10 2008
A team of successful entrepreneurs credited for www.SelectWealthSystem.com A new home-based-business marketing system that provides the strategic high ground for internet marketing. Pro Team Marketing uses an automated marketing system that is currently promoting a cutting-edge young company, entering the early growth stage, that targets the largest consumer base in the United States with their financial educational products. http://www.SelectWealthSystem.com
8:07 AM UTC, April 10 2008
Being able to access your acount from the Home Page.
5:00 AM UTC, April 11 2008
I love boinc, it is a great project that will help many areas of science and medicine, the one thing that lacks, that i for one would definitely want, is swag, t-shirts etc.
8:03 AM UTC, April 11 2008
Używanie Procesora na kartach graficznych!!! (USE GPU!!) please!! It is lot of power calculations.
10:43 AM UTC, April 11 2008
BOINC - problems in Windows Vista with UAC
10:05 AM UTC, April 12 2008
un peu plus de nouvelles sur les projets utilisés afin de pouvoir constater notre utilité serait bienvenue, par mail par exemple... bonne continuation !
2:30 PM UTC, April 12 2008
aggiungere il supporto al multi-core per singola WU e sopratutto, poter utilizzare anche le GPU perchè molto più potenti dei processori, tipo le ultime uscite Nvidia e ati!
10:35 AM UTC, April 13 2008
un interface plus simple en ce qui concerne la gestions des traveaux ex pouvoir faire glisser un travail devant un autre pour que bionc l analyse avant d autre projet
1:24 PM UTC, April 13 2008
Better design of web pages. To establish mozilla store like shop with t-shirts and so on...
1:30 PM UTC, April 13 2008
Bonjour. Je trouve que BOINC est une excellente idée. Si j\'ai des suggestions, ce serait : - De pouvoir définir le nombre de travaux maximum - C\'est tout !
3:03 PM UTC, April 13 2008
The old Seti@home software would restart itself after a power outage, update install, etc. Boinc does not. It would be nice if it would
3:06 PM UTC, April 13 2008
Nothing to add, except that the CPU is sometimes not freed for some heavy applications that need it (picture modification, etc.) BOINC is a real progress in distributed calculation ! Good luck for the next steps !
6:41 PM UTC, April 13 2008
I believe that could be more popular in the Ubuntu world if it were offered in a .deb file. This would allow for up to date, reliable and easily installable files for many people. Ubuntu repositories house an outdated version of boinc and the Linux installer of this website could be easier.
9:49 PM UTC, April 13 2008
Get American Idol or some other high exposure media channel to promote the work - Oprah, The View. Write articles for Time or something like that. Everyone\'s \"talking\" green - show how BOICs can use the \"wasted\" CPU cycles that are already consuming energy.
9:58 AM UTC, April 14 2008
I would improve date and timestamp checking of the work units during computing. Maybe I would debug logging during computing or something like that. It shall be able to run independently of the LOCAL time of the computer (which can be set in the future or in the past). Even independent on a small change in the local time. Because when I RESTORED my data to a new HDD when the old has broken I was disappointed to see it FREEZES computing of probably any running project: ClimatePrediction.net, Spinhenge@home : stopped computing (frozen) after 5 minutes. Just try it, please. I consider it a bug. My local time is: 2007-02-12 (RRRR-MM-DD) and time 03:55. WOW! Rosetta@home has JUST FROZEN too!!! :( WHEN I just reverted time to 00:07 to keep the trial program in \"(1 days left)\" state! After that ROSETTA (or ANY project) is immediatelly frozen - stopped computing. I cannot SET my time to TODAY, yet , nor let it run into next day - because of my trial period of Image for Windows I want to use tomorrow to create a new bootable DvD backup of my \"C:\" on new HDD. With greetings Filip Rydlo
11:27 AM UTC, April 14 2008
Accept the old passwords from UD (even if they have normal European characters in them).
6:43 PM UTC, April 14 2008
přeložené projekty do češtiny
10:26 PM UTC, April 14 2008
lokaliseer buitenaards leven ;-) en de mond op mond reclame gaat vast lopen. Maak projecten waar de gebruiker beloond wordt, wordt er allebij beter van (op wat voor manier dan ook) Zolang het op vrijwillige basis blijft krijg je alleen de commputernerds, of diegene die hun pc/serverpark er voor opofferen) = nerds :) Groeten, Jeroen nr 210 seti@nederlands
11:22 AM UTC, April 15 2008
The screensaver could be improved so it will not lag the computer while running it
6:34 PM UTC, April 15 2008
Mehr ansprechende Bildschirmschoner als Anreiz.More good looking screensavers for the user.
1:37 AM UTC, April 16 2008
I\'ve been using BOINC for about a month now and I have to say that from a user perspective the software completely sucks. It\'s interface needs lots of polish and it\'s really confusing to manage the BOINC server. I mean really confusing. From the user perspective, there\'s only a few things they\'ll ever do with boinc... start it... connect to projects... stop it... I\'ve had major trouble at each stage at various points. I tried to get a friend to use it and he couldn\'t even figure out how to get it to work. It\'s really discouraging and I\'m considering quitting using BOINC.
2:00 AM UTC, April 16 2008
Windows vista siempre pregunta si deseo ejecutar el programa, se puede arreglar esto?
3:02 AM UTC, April 17 2008
12:45 PM UTC, April 17 2008
Ich bin noch nicht lange genug dabei, um eine relevante Aussage machen zukönnen.
12:45 PM UTC, April 17 2008
Please, urge BOINC project maintainers to start supporting FreeBSD (and other BSDs) natively. The client and server have been ported, but without pre-compiled project executables, those inclined are all forced to run Linux executables under emulation or even the whole client+apps under Wine. Others just leave. There\'s huge potential in BSD platforms, considering the number of servers worldwide that run it.
9:32 PM UTC, April 17 2008
eine update funktion
1:42 AM UTC, April 18 2008
I don\'t care to spend hours trying to figure out what doc to read. Why not make startup details more intuitive?
1:56 PM UTC, April 18 2008
PLEASE ADD POWER PC SUPPORT! I have over 50 IBM servers that I would love to run BOINC on.
8:37 PM UTC, April 18 2008
If you REALLY care about bringing the number of participants back to previous levels and more, you will duplicate EXACTLY the old screensaver and make it easily available. There will always be the participants who chime in with \"but you get more work done with the CPUs not involve in the screensaver, the monitor uses up too much...blah, blah, blah\". Guess what. MOST folks don\'t care about quantity or speed. Taking that away was a publicity fiasco. It was free advertising. People LOVED it. It really was the reason many people joined and stayed. They wanted to contribute to a good thing, and that was their return, something pretty to look at. And, no, the new approximation is nowhere near as good-looking, even when customized. I\'d bet that you\'d get at LEAST 1,000 contributors back if it were reinstated. It would take a while, but it would happen. I enjoyed zoning out looking at it. It was a kind of zen perfection. Try it for a year, with a simple switch for the serious crunchers to disable it. Not everyone is a science person, and it was demeaning to them to imply that what was important to them really wasn\'t. From a marketing point of view, you blew it big time, and you do need marketing. Heck, just running a sample of the classic on any website that a user wanted (like a logo, but active), where allowed, would bring folks into the projects. Thanks.
10:27 PM UTC, April 18 2008
keyword: communication skills. good: S@H, project staff quick to respond to problems; even if they don\'t have an immediate solution, the participants know at least someone is taking them serious. bad: graz.at, organisers seem to have disapeared in black hole; dissatified participants leave project. I looked at the project because its subject seemed interesting, but made a 180 turnaround after reading forum\'s postings.
2:06 PM UTC, April 19 2008
I\'d like to see statistics on the BOINC application, instead of having to go to the SETI (say) website to see what I\'ve done.
4:57 PM UTC, April 19 2008
es sollte eine funktion geben, mit der sichergestellt wird, dass die jobs nach der reihenfolge ihrer ablaufdaten abgearbeitet werden. also jobs die eher fertig sein müssen, auch eher berechnen...
7:20 PM UTC, April 19 2008
Project-News within the client
12:35 AM UTC, April 20 2008
add a feature that allows the CPU Core count to switch when the computer is active/idle.
9:10 AM UTC, April 20 2008
I dont suggest you use others computers for your research, you could and are phishing information. thankyou but no thankyou.
10:52 PM UTC, April 20 2008
Maybe add a KUDOS or rating section in forums to allow USERS to \"award\" someone for helping them. Find another use for credits other than rankings or certificates. ADD more projects.
3:09 PM UTC, April 21 2008
Dat vind ik nu nog ietwat voorbarig, daar ik nog maar ruim 4 maanden AKTIEF deelneem aan SETI@home. Bij de vraag \'computers\', zou misschien beter \'cores\' kunnen staan. Omdat er steeds meer Dual & Quad-cores, gebruikt worden. Dit bedacht ik me net bij het beantwoorden van de vraag : hoeveel computers?
8:36 AM UTC, April 24 2008
I don\'t really have a problem with Boinc. But what\'s really important to me are that all projects have a consistant credit system and that deadlines are reasonable. Waiting 3+ months for credit can be pretty disheartening. Also, a means to notify a participant when they\'re comnputers are pulling in huge numbers of workunits and then they are time expired and still sending them out in bulk. Example: Participant has 250 wu\'s. Every day for 3 weeks computer connects gets 10 to 15 new wu\'s when the oldest 10 or 15 expire that day. You\'re waiting 3 weeks for the original wu to expire so it can be resent and then waiting for that person to return it so it can be validated. I guess that\'s about it.
6:42 PM UTC, April 24 2008
hi, boinc view is very critical tool for boinc deployment in corporate networks. but boincview is lame application with poor interface and many bugs, including boinc as-service installations (even unable to detect it). please spend a few days / weeks of time of a few good programmers to reprogram / enchance excellent release of boincview manager for multiple boinc networking instaaltions to let it run at a few dozens of office computers overnight with very easy 1-place managenment PC thx
6:35 PM UTC, April 26 2008
viac stranok v češtine alebo v slovenstine hlavne pre zaciatocnikov...
12:51 PM UTC, April 29 2008
I would like more options available for setting the time of day that boinc runs. I would like it to run in the evenings, mornings and all weekend but not during work hours. Or have the option that during certain hours the cpu usage maybe 30-40% during work hours but all other times it is at 100%. The reason for this is I have a loud fan with a variable speed to it. If I keep the cpu usage down then the fan does not come on and it is not annoying to me an my co-workers. But after hours when nobody is here, I could care less how noisy the fan is.
9:19 PM UTC, April 29 2008
Support the unofficial optimalizations (especially SETI - I know, you aren\'t equivalent with the SETI-team)
9:46 PM UTC, April 30 2008
I ran SETI for YEARS! But when you put in Boinc, I did not get credit for the time already run, so I deleted it. I WOULD LOVE TO COME BACK TO SETI, but I want credit for what I have done! Thanks, Jim Kirk jimkirk@charter.net
5:43 PM UTC, May 03 2008
I like this probram and nuts.:)
5:28 PM UTC, May 07 2008
I would love to see BOINC running on PS3 as I can\'t stand F@H ridiculously short deadlines
3:31 AM UTC, May 17 2008
Ich wünsche mir, dass ich einstellen kann, dass nicht nach 60 Minuten die Aufgabe/das Projekt gewechselt wird, sondern immer dann, wenn eine Aufgabe fertig ist, soll eine andere angefangen werden und die zeitliche Bestimmung egal ist. Es gibt keine Informatik-Projekte, zumindest hab ich keine gefunden.
3:43 AM UTC, May 17 2008
BOINC was the most confusing thing I ever tried to get going. I gave up I ran SETI but will not comeback because it has been made too difficult to download and run.
7:27 AM UTC, May 18 2008
les explications de controle d\'ordinateur a distance (maison vs travail par exemple) sont introuvables
8:08 AM UTC, May 18 2008
I didn\'t like boinc when it first came out and due to the Old Seti software which was stable being discontinued. I tried BOINC but had many issues including computer crashes and connectivity problems returning work units. It got to a point where it just wasn\'t worth it anymore. So I stopped
4:47 AM UTC, May 20 2008
4:18 PM UTC, May 28 2008
Cheer up! And i rejoin with your project..
5:06 PM UTC, May 28 2008
Haveing a ball just the way it is. more into seti than anything else. was upset when bionic first came around but had cooled down a little now. just have 2 computers running bionic other 2 are for web site and playing games on. and slow =:)
8:09 PM UTC, June 04 2008
Jag vill har support i ATI grafikkort på seti@home, va fan det ska väl inte vara så svårt att få till det är ju snabbare en proceson i daton typ en AMD 5000+ nu får ni fixa till det så jag kan börja jaga efter UFOn men min ATI HD3870 man jag ska byta snart till en HD 4870x2 då får jag nästan 1000 strim procesorer... =O) aNd sMiLe oN : )
4:52 AM UTC, June 06 2008
Deberian informas sobre todos los proyectos ke utilizan esta pataforma
4:22 AM UTC, June 08 2008
I\'ve been having a VERY frustrating time trying to join a few new projects. When I go to join it ask for an email address and a password. Well it\'s been a long time since I made any changes so I don\'t remember my password. So when I type my email address and try entering a password it says an account w/ that address already exist w/ a different password. This is the only site I have ever encounter where you need a password but no means of having it sent to your email address should you forget it.
12:35 PM UTC, June 09 2008
to help people choose projects.projects with similar objectives should be grouped as a download package eg.cosmology,orbit,seti,u fluids,milkyway,einstein, as an astronomy package.
8:13 AM UTC, June 11 2008
Who is loosing and hiding past work by contributors. Another power hungry as those who censors on the wikipedia? Anyway, the \'official\' BOINC wiki is crap in capitals.
8:06 AM UTC, June 12 2008
u need more PR and press releases - more users!
4:20 PM UTC, June 18 2008
Accessibility & usability are the main areas of concern at present.
1:27 AM UTC, June 19 2008
You could provide us with more information about project/institution involved on each project. Would be beneficial to know, and could help others to get involved, if there were info about non profitable projects available and their supporting institutions. Usually their web pages say nothing about. I´d be very disappointed if my effort-time, etc goes for someone making millions... If you can\'t have so much info in your web, ask/require the institutions to provide it openly in order to participate in Boinc... Thank you all for helping mankind for something good! GC
10:26 PM UTC, June 19 2008
3:04 PM UTC, June 20 2008
Keep going!
2:25 AM UTC, June 21 2008
mi cuestion es la siguiente: porque no hacer que el usuario tenga acceso a una copia a los paquetes de informacion para tratarlos por su cuenta,(junto con una aplicación que le permita el estudio del mismo a su libre albedrio..\"pues dos ojos miran mas que uno\". y su ciencia o abance personal independientemente de su conocimiento podria dar con claves que normalmente pasan desapercividas para el erudito. ejemplo: Como trataria una señal seti un artista que seria capaz de mostrarte Mozar picasso etc.. Nota:Da que pensar Nota: Ustedes tratenla coma deban automaticamente pero pero dejen al usuario que se divierta haciendo ciencia. Nota: Piensen los grandes hallazgos que cambian el mundo se acaban estudiando en primaria... un abrazo ...Nota artistica..(4 proximadamente=19.5) adn
2:25 AM UTC, June 21 2008
mi cuestion es la siguiente: porque no hacer que el usuario tenga acceso a una copia a los paquetes de informacion para tratarlos por su cuenta,(junto con una aplicación que le permita el estudio del mismo a su libre albedrio..\"pues dos ojos miran mas que uno\". y su ciencia o abance personal independientemente de su conocimiento podria dar con claves que normalmente pasan desapercividas para el erudito. ejemplo: Como trataria una señal seti un artista que seria capaz de mostrarte Mozar picasso etc.. Nota:Da que pensar Nota: Ustedes tratenla coma deban automaticamente pero pero dejen al usuario que se divierta haciendo ciencia. Nota: Piensen los grandes hallazgos que cambian el mundo se acaban estudiando en primaria... un abrazo ...Nota artistica..(4 proximadamente=19.5) adn
7:48 AM UTC, June 21 2008
make spaghetti.
12:17 AM UTC, July 01 2008
si c\'était traduit en francais je pourrais mieux comprendre,je suis tres tres débutante et j\'adore les sciences meme si je ne suis pas une intermédiaire, mais j\'ai de la difficulté a comprendre le sens en Anglais. merci Claudine Dupuis
6:45 PM UTC, July 01 2008
I wish that the application (project) screensavers worked on a computer that requires a login/password. I know this is a feature that is being worked on, but it\'s less fun to participate when you can\'t see the graphics.
6:38 PM UTC, July 05 2008
it will be a good idea to enable support of GPU in computing the results
1:42 AM UTC, July 08 2008
tengo 1 computadora pentium 4 de 2.8 y boinc la ha puesto 2 veces como si yo tuviera dos computadoras diferentes con diferentes resultados, entonces me aparece en setihome como si tuviera 2 computadoras , pero es la misma y como le cambie el sistema operativo, me dice que son 2, pero la realidad es que es una misma.
11:33 AM UTC, July 10 2008
ޥߤѶŪˡä˥ƥӡлüȻפ ޤϤʤޥʡʤΤ
2:25 PM UTC, July 12 2008
It should be more easy to use under linux. Maybe some more commercial of some sort?
8:13 AM UTC, July 14 2008
I use version 5.8.16 because I have had many problems with your later versions on Vista. I dislike your rude message boards and the people who answer are just as rude. Your website is messy and hard to maneuver ESPESCIALLY if you are looking for help.
12:55 AM UTC, July 18 2008
The BOINC should be very language.
2:26 AM UTC, July 18 2008
It seems there was another name... In 1999/2000 I was downloading SETI only. Problems occured and lost computer.I am not familar with the other named projects. Will have to check them out. But I only have an inexpensive, no-name basic program laptop. Have a feeling I can\'t get too much on it.
9:23 PM UTC, July 18 2008
priorität einzelner Projekte einstellbar machen (resourcenverteilung)
4:53 PM UTC, July 21 2008
I wish I could get WUs for some of the projects, like Cosmology@home, or find out why I can\'t get work, no even resends. Cosmology@home has over 95,000 WUs ready to send, but server does not send anything. I\'m not the only one not getting ork from them and they don\'t seem to be aware of the posts complaining about it. LHC@home at least posts on the home page that they are out of work. I was away from BOINC and the projects after having my computer stolen and I\'m just getting back to them. I no longer have the email account from which I originally registered because they ceased service. I don\'t have the original passwords for the projects, so I had to set up new accounts. I would really live some mechanism by which I could have the old and new accounts merged.
1:23 PM UTC, July 22 2008
Als Einsteiger ist es ziemlich schwierig, sind zurechtzufinden. Keine Hilfestellung durch das Boinc-Programm selbst.
11:38 PM UTC, July 23 2008
Please make a way to even out the amount of granted credit between the different projects. Some are way to high and some depressingly low. I don\'t crunch just for credit, but I also don\'t want to waste my time on a project that only gives 1/4 the credit of others. Also it would be nice to make the boinc client smart enough to download project apps depending on what processor type you have (such as an app with SSE2, SSE3 optimizations).
12:30 PM UTC, July 29 2008
Drop the cross project credit comparisons and combined scores.
4:09 PM UTC, August 01 2008
Que funcione bien con Windows Vista. El programa es bloqueado por Windows al iniciar y no se ejecuta bien por permanentes interrupciones del sistema cuando no estoy usando el ordenador. Una lástima perder a un colaborador después de 6 años de uso ininterrumpido del programa.
11:59 PM UTC, August 02 2008
10:30 PM UTC, August 03 2008
Frequently update easily found news about progress toward the target. For example, SETI@home should have a more easily found, frequently update, and easily understood summary on progress toward finding intelligent life. A nicer \"simple\" view. It should be nicer looking, and offer a few more features. Improved GUI widgets in \"advanced\" view. Try using the Boinc manager in Linux with a dark theme. The area with the tasks becomes unreadable. There is a white border around a lot of the components. No matter what theme you are using in Linux, the category titles look completely different from \"Projects, Tasks, and Transfers\" to\"Messages\". Messages\' \"Project, Time, Message\" widgets are a lot larger and unsortable. The seperator widget for the others looks ugly too.
8:28 AM UTC, August 05 2008
1. Show project debits. 2. Allow me to download new work units, and specify completion date (perhaps after a week of being off line), currently UPDATE says \"Requesting 0 seconds of work\", but maybe I really did want 500000 seconds due in 10 days. 3. Be able to guarantee that long work units (like climateprediction HadCM3 that runs for 9 months) runs on dual processors (and hyper threaded) if available; and let the 2nd processor rotate between all the other workunits between several different projects. 4. Have a \"Suspend after checkpoint\" so as to not waste cpu time on computations that won\'t be written out when project suspends, when you are getting ready to shutdown computer. 5. Let users specify a round robin between projects, or earliest due date first. 6. Memory, disk & swap space #\'s are confusing when we set them as Preferences.
11:14 PM UTC, August 05 2008
like i said the movie contac with the o so hottie jodie foster introduce me to seti and slaved thur 3 computers to get to my level my project is called ;THE GREAT STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA;For i live here i must say i feel the down time i call the screen saver time could not be used for a better reason what ever project you choose to run they have a few now but you never know even after all these years i still think well what if like the movie said if theirs not any one else out their its a big waste of space and now im pluging it on MYSPACE-FACEBOOK and can only hope people see it this way your projects speek for them selfs so another movie would be great i have seen a few docs,on discovery and just get MR MICROSOFT AKA,MR.PAUL ALLEN more involved and we could Maybe just maybe find that signal ;THE GREAT STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA jcbo108@hotmail.com
12:31 AM UTC, August 08 2008
dang -- I\'ve had work credits disappear, earlier computers run at a crawl, work not accepted by world community grid (my main site) -- trouble sending in units -- and soon I\'ll have a LOT more trouble as I\'ll be running BONIC on 3-5 computers on a net work -- maybe one project per comptuer, not sure yet -- but the main thing is that I was told to re-install and I did and all units disappeared, a friend said to uninstall all BONIC and the old SETI to get rid of what might have been residual and conflicting commands, and again all work units disappeared -- and so I don\'t know what all to think -- but know it\'s a work in progress and mankind will benefit, so things are still OK with the world, despite the fact that gas was $1.46 a gallon when Bush took office.
8:09 PM UTC, August 08 2008
>> Plus d\'explications en français! >> Incohérence dans le suivi des crédits, qui m\'amènent à m\'interroger sur l\'utilité du travail accompli par mes ordinateurs
8:25 PM UTC, August 09 2008
Stocker les paramètres utilisateurs et/ou les données temporaires de façon à faire une installation simple sur un nouveau PC sans tout reparamétrer.
6:53 PM UTC, August 11 2008
I have seen the BOINC T-shirts, etc. I would like a bumper or window sticker for my car.
7:14 PM UTC, August 13 2008
Went from 5.27 to 6.2.16. What happened to Run as service?
3:52 AM UTC, August 15 2008
Fewer outages, amore direct credit for seti classic, more emphasis and exposure for possible signals - I seem to remember that in classic, there was a list of the strongest possible) signals, and who found them. I haven\'t really searched hard, but I am somewhat familiar with the site, and have npt seen them.
8:58 PM UTC, August 18 2008
Seti kenne seit seines erscheinen in Deutschland und habe es lange laufen lassen,(keine Flatrate 56Modem noch kein ISDN) Was mir damals an Seti besonders sehr gut gefallen hat war der Bildschirm schone mit der bunten Balken Grafik was ich bei Bonic sehr vermiße,gebe die hoffnug nicht auf das der Screen- server für Seti und auf für die anderen Projeckte wieder ein- geführt wird,weil man da einfach das ergebnis und den Fortschritt besser verfolgen kann und es einfach tierichen macht da zu zuschauen. Weiß nicht ob es bei Bonic-Seti den Screenserver noch gibt habe alles versucht,sogar den alten von Seti 3.07 da schlägt die anmeldung immer fehl (Error - 26.0)
4:47 PM UTC, August 23 2008
1:36 PM UTC, August 26 2008
Easier password retrieval
9:45 PM UTC, August 26 2008
I would like to see the help file re constructed to be easier to follow and more comprehensive, possibly even a context sensitive help feature might be very useful. After responding to one of the earlier questions I actually looked at the file file for the first time and was a little disappointed when considering that the rest of the BOINC interface is quite professional and seems very stable.
11:09 PM UTC, August 29 2008
No tengo suficientes conocimientos como para aconsejarlos.
11:28 PM UTC, August 30 2008
vermisse eine updatefunktion der Boinc Software
12:26 PM UTC, September 03 2008
10:35 PM UTC, September 08 2008
Make sure it doesn\'t lock up my machine please.
7:08 PM UTC, September 11 2008
Make it more obvious when I need to upgrade my BOINC version -- perhaps something that appears in the bottom right corner of my Windows screen after I reboot, something connected to the BOINC icon? It\'s so easy to just let it run and never check the output. I\'ve apparently had a significantly out of date version doing nothing for *who* knows how long. :-/
2:23 PM UTC, September 13 2008
Usually times project expect a unit result are too short. There are many people that uses computer < 1h per day. This is a great loose of computing power.
8:02 PM UTC, September 14 2008
Client ohne Internet zugang
7:58 PM UTC, September 21 2008
I would personally like a less regimented system. I miss classic seti@home which allowed me to xfer WUs between all my PCs -- many of which did not have continuous connection to internet. Because of this my participation and enthusiasm has had waned a bit over the years, although I still participate.
11:30 AM UTC, September 23 2008
Clearer direction/info on how to run projects more efficiently. For example, my slowest computer gets the most work units, and regularly misses deadlines. OTOH, my fastest computer, which doesn\'t connect to the internet as often, gets the fewest work units and is often finished, waiting for a network connection to request more work.
6:03 PM UTC, September 23 2008
Allow the user to enable an \"advanced\" mode to display (all or part of, at user\'s discretion) the underlying state of the BOINC core. It\'s unfortunate that one must run additional applications, such as BoincView, to figure out what BOINC is doing.
1:37 AM UTC, September 28 2008
I have a dedicated computer for BOINC research 24/7. I will soon add another one on my LAN. I couldn\'t find how to make BOINC auto-start on power failure.
7:45 AM UTC, September 28 2008
Le seul et unique défaut, c\'est que les sites sont en anglais. J\'ai eu du mal à trouver des explications compréhensibles sur le système de crédits, et je ne comprends aux statistiques que je trouve sur le Net. Pour faire fonctionner BOINC c\'est vraiment très très simple et sans problème.
11:14 PM UTC, September 28 2008
More control over tasks, like selecting which one runs
10:57 PM UTC, October 01 2008
project resource share less confusing.
3:38 PM UTC, October 03 2008
Support FreeBSD
7:04 PM UTC, October 04 2008
7:05 PM UTC, October 04 2008
7:05 PM UTC, October 04 2008
6:30 PM UTC, October 11 2008
Me gustaría poder tener una comunicación más fluida con los responsables de los proyectos.
5:32 AM UTC, October 22 2008
Bring back installation on Domain Controllers. WHY was that removed???
3:29 PM UTC, October 22 2008
䤬äƤץȤˤϡд¤ûʪꡢ(㡧Cels@HomePS3GRIDSuperlink@Technion)Ƥ˶̣äƶϤƤ⡢äɤΤޤ ʤ顢BOINC̤ƤΥܥƥüԤ³פ褦д¤κ饤㤨7֤Ȥ줷㤨Ф꤬Ǥ ޤץȤˤäƤϡ㡧yoyo@homeˤͤǥֽʤƲϤƳݤˤ0ľΤߤ褦ǤϻͤʤΤǤ礦 뵤̵ƤޤޤΤǡƤ餤Ǥ
4:11 PM UTC, October 22 2008
make it easier to setup for a novice
9:11 AM UTC, October 23 2008
Have a nice day!
9:40 AM UTC, October 23 2008
1) I saw this feature in BoincWCG project: users can download BOINC client with the project already attached. I would like to see the feature to download client which is: * already attacked to several selected projects * already assigned to some nickname and team (using weak account key) 2) In client, option to flush DNS caches automatically by timer 3) Wiki-style translation of project sites, with easy admins approval ------- People, you do awesome work!
11:58 AM UTC, October 23 2008
11:54 AM UTC, October 26 2008
setup on headless (console-only) linux could be a bit more straightforward.. i\'m still looking for instructions on client configuration files.
6:56 PM UTC, October 26 2008
Re: Astropulse: Am really solely interested in doing SETI but doing Astropulse additionally is OK if still primarily doing SETI. THANKS FOR ENABLING US TO PARTICIPATE! I am a disabled archaeologist, so this allows me to still do some science.
6:49 AM UTC, October 28 2008
4:01 PM UTC, October 31 2008
Ich habe momentan eine Aufgabe vom Climateprediction.net. Die Aufgabe ist so groß, dass sie bis 2010 läuft. Da mache ich mir Sorgen wegen der Datenkonsistenz. Wenn mein Rechner mal abschmiert sind bestimmt viele Daten weg. Daher wäre ich für kleinere Aufgaben, gerade da mein PC nicht 24h läuft.
12:01 AM UTC, November 03 2008
Creo, que estan bien de esta forma
2:48 PM UTC, November 06 2008
Many people has the PC running only from time to time, so may be nice to have the option to select which \"weight\" of the WU the client should download. Say for example: not more than XX hours expected to complete.
1:41 AM UTC, November 11 2008
The WCG screensaver needs to be made higher resolution, so it can fit the screen. The screensaver currently appears as a small box on a large screen (Fight AIDS at Home). Also, newer versions of the client are released without information. A BOINC Automatic Update system would be useful.
8:17 AM UTC, November 12 2008
J\'ai essayé GPUGrid.net, mais j\'ai arrêté au bout d\'une journée, car cela ralenti l\'affichage des pages internet. J\'ai aussi essayé Folding@home avec Cuda, car j\'ai une carte graphique 8600M GS, mais j\'ai arrêté au bout de 10 jours car j\'ai réussis à envoyé une unité de travail sur 15. En effet cela plantait : \"Unstable Machine\", par contre aucun ralentissement de l\'ordinateur et GPU à 100 % et un CPU à moins de 5 % contrairement à Boinc qui utilise un GPU à 100 % et un CPU à 100 %. Il faut apporter des efforts sur les GPU : car par exemple la GeForce 280 : 620 GFLOPS mesurés. CPU Quad à 3,0 Ghz : 42 GFLOPS mesurés (14 fois moins). En effet cela est du gaspillage matériel que d\'avoir une carte graphique qui est sous exploité en naviguant sur internet. Avant d\'utiliser BOINC, mon processeur été utilisé à 8 % en moyenne en navigant sur internet.
8:25 AM UTC, November 13 2008
le logiciel boinc et simple d\'utilisation mais je trouve un peu dommage de l\'economiseur d\'écran si peu paramétrable malgré qu\'il soit jolie personnellement je n\'aime pas le voir tourné dans tout les sens
9:41 PM UTC, November 13 2008
Seems like better support of the projects from a BOINC perspective would help some of them. Cosmology comes to mind as they still generate work units that stall on down loads from time to time. Great improvement from the old SETI days in that I can have other projects that will use my system when SETI is down.
12:13 AM UTC, November 15 2008
The \"nice-looking screensaver graphics\" do NOT exist in GNU/Linux. Only in Window$, WHY ??? GNU/Linux users are contributing too. Respect all. :)
3:01 PM UTC, November 15 2008
I can\'t use it because I can\'t get it to install properly!
6:15 PM UTC, November 16 2008
zeitkritische WUs die aufgrund mangelnder CPU Leistung nicht fertig werden können bis zur Deadline gar nicht erst downloaden. Beispiel: Ich downloade eine WU, die in 340 Stunden auf einem älteren Computer berechnet werden soll, die Deadline ist aber bereits in 250 Stunden. Der Computer hat selbst bei 24h Full Speed keine Chance damit rechtzeitig fertig zu werden.