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Message 82093 - Posted: 19 Oct 2017, 9:48:33 UTC
Last modified: 19 Oct 2017, 9:50:02 UTC

Hello guys,
I'm now running my boinc server and boinc client. I test wrapper with example application wrapper from official wiki.

however I got error message like 'Output file is absent' , and the task status in boinc-manager is computation error.
My stderr_txt is:

<message>process exited with code 195 (0xc3,-61)</message>
11:17:40 (5231): wrapper (7.5.26014): starting
11:17:40 (5231): wrapper: running ../../projects/ (40)
11:18:23 (5231): worker exited; CPU time 41.680000
11:18:23 (5231): app exit status: 0x8b
11:18:23 (5231): called boinc_finish(195)

It seems that the application are not implemented.
(I have test worker.o without BOINC, it is executable.)
I have seen some other threads which have the same problem with me, but there is unfortunately no answer.

I have been stuck in this problem for weeks, Is there anyone who can help me?
Sincerely thanks for your help
Best Regards
Kangning Li
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Richard Haselgrove
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Message 82094 - Posted: 19 Oct 2017, 10:02:22 UTC - in response to Message 82093.  

'Output file [is] absent' is usually a symptom, rather than the cause of a problem: the application has crashed before it has a chance to do any science, so the scientific output never gets created.

The wrapper has exited with status 0x8b, or 139. From the error number list, that might be

#define ERR_GETS            -139
    // gets() or fgets()
but I'm afraid that's as far as my knowledge goes.
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Message 82133 - Posted: 20 Oct 2017, 18:08:45 UTC - in response to Message 82093.  

Can you post the content of the xml files?
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